LEDA Missions: August 2020 - Live Streaming Pros

LEDA Daily Missions

The “LIVE Every Day in April” (LEDA) Challenge is here! You’ll find each day’s mission below. 

Be sure to watch this welcome video FIRST!

DAY 16

your perfect person

This doesn’t HAVE to be hard!!! 🙂 


Who is it your content is reaching? If you could have one PERFECT person watching you, who would it be?


You do NOT need to go SUPER deep on this just yet, but don’t stay super surface level either! 


DAY 15

your value statement

Watch for some notes about the END of Phone Week! 😉 
Create your Value Statement that integrates your YOUniquely You magic into a mission that’s focused on the audience!
1) What’s your content about / general topic?
2) Format: “I help [WHO] do [WHAT] so they can accomplish [WHAT]

DAY 14

Check In Week 2!

Time to check in with yourself and us… what progress have you made in 2 weeks, and how does that compound on your last check in?

DAY 13

YOUR TRUe self

  1. How would you define your true self
  2. How can you work to bring the best out in yourself so you can bring the best out in others?

If you feel like you’re already tapping into it – how can you go FURTHER?


DAY 12

Teaching moment

As we prepare for Content Structure, you first need to learn how to turn something VERY personal into something that the audience CARES about and gets something from.
Don’t forget to talk about not just the “thing” but the emotions attached to it!
Some starter points:
  • Biggest failure?
  • Biggest life lesson?
  • Hardest thing you’ve ever done?
  • Biggest Victory?
  • Favorite Saying or Book?

DAY 11

Do Something Uncomfortable

 It’s time to step WAY over that uncomfortable line! Because when you do, you’ll be ready to tackle ANYTHING!
Have FUN with this one!! Remember… no judgement!

DAY 10

What's your why?

Tell us WHY you do what you do.


And remember to go deeper than surface level!



Highlight your awesome

You’ve looked at Imposter Syndrome, and your Self Talk and your Strengths and Weaknesses…


Now it’s time to talk about YOU without sounding vain!

  • What have you achieved?
  • What awesome do YOU bring?
  • What experience do you uniquely have?


Language matters!

As we move into the next phase of these Missions, we start to look at bringing us into our content. 


Identify 1 thing you have negative self talk around and decide how you’re going to adjust your language for the future.




Easy one today…


1) How were you feeling on Day 1?

2) How are you feeling today?

3) Describe the progress you’ve made in JUST 1 Week!



Conquering imposter syndrome

It’s time to get RID of imposter syndrome! The trick is knowing that it’s not something to NEVER feel… it’s knowing that this means you’re reaching new and bigger heights, so CELEBRATE it!


1) Identify the exact thoughts you have

2) Explain WHY you’re worthy




So you have a dream. What’s REALLY holding you back from doing what you want to do?


Accept responsibility and DECIDE how you’re going to move forward.



What's your hidden dream?

You NEED to watch this video rather than just read the prompt because in the video, I give you a lot more context. 


What’s your dream and how does it relate to your content (or not)?


REMEMBER: Put “Day 4” in your description!


What do you see in the mirror?

How YOU see you… is NOT how others see you!

Tell us… 

1) What do you think of yourself in general (internal stuff)

2) What do you think of yourself physically?




Let’s dig into the mindset issue you have that causes so much stress when showing up on camera!



* 2-3 Strengths

* 2-3 Flaws



Introduce yourself!

Today’s an easy one!! Answer these questions:


1) Why did you join LEDA and how are you feeling about the month ahead?

2) What’s your content about?

3) Where are you from?

4) Pets/Kids/Partners?

5) What was your dream job as a kid?