Gear Guide: Michael Hyatt’s Studio

All the main gear you’d find in Michael’s studio if you were to walk through it yourself!

This was a Custom Studio Build – built to Michael’s specific needs. It’s flexible enough for him to run his LIVE streams, do recorded videos and even webinars! Links are affiliate links.

If you’re interested in your own LIVE Streaming Studio, to whatever specifications you want, email us for a quote.


Sony PXW150 4K

Spectacular video with this 4K Camera! This is Michael’s main camera.

available at amazon

(2) Sony AX100 4K

Our go to camera for lower budget 4K. These are the two side cameras.

available at amazon


ProPrompter PRO2 LCD Teleprompter

We much prefer the LCD teleprompters over an iPad or iPhone version. You gain so much more control!

available at bodelin

Griffin Powermate

This allows you to control the LCD prompter by yourself very easily!

available at amazon

LIVE Streaming System

Livestream HD51

All in one streaming software and hardware that’s built to do LIVE video fantastically!

available at amazon

Livestream Surface Go

This control pad makes it easy to run your LIVE shows by yourself!

available at amazon


MacBook Air

For controlling the teleprompter

available at amazon

MacBook Pro

For showing websites on a demo or displaying Keynote Presentations (Michael has a 13″ screen, 3.1GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB Flash Storage)

available at amazon

Mac Mini

For monitoring comments on multiple platforms

available at amazon


Set Desk: 60″ UpDesk Sit Stand with Whiteboard Surface

Desks that are motorized so you can stand or sit. Plus a whiteboard surface. Need I say more?!?

available at UpDesk

48″ UpDesk Sit Stand with Whiteboard Surface

The smaller version is for the Production Area

available at UpDesk


Audio Technica AT8025 Microphone

A great sounding microphone you can mount above or below.

available at amazon

Odyssey CRS08 8 Rack

Rack to hold the Livestream unit, power and mixer.

available at amazon

ART Pro Headphone Amp

This allows Michael to adjust volume of guests and adds extra headphone ports when needed.

available at amazon

Pyle Pro Hum/Noise Eliminator

Ensures the audio is clean and no noise or hum.

available at amazon


(5) Neewer LED Lights

Low priced LED lights that work great!

available at amazon

(2) LimoStudio Softbox Lights

We like to mix LED 1×1’s with softboxes for a softer look.

available at amazon


(2) HP Pavilion 21.5″ Monitors

2 monitors at the Producer station

available at amazon

40″ Insignia TV

For Michael to see what viewers are seeing (aka “Preview Monitor”)

available at amazon



Custom prices based on set – email us if you’re interested!

email us now

Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod

Lots of flexibility in this tripod!

available at amazon

Tripod Wheels

Allow for easy moving when needed

available at amazon

(7) Manfrotto Arms

The best arms we’ve found for mounting cameras, etc. Flexible and strong!

available at amazon

(9) Super Clamps

Great clamps for use with the Manfrotto arms

available at amazon

Boom Pole

Holds the AudioTechnica microphone

available at amazon

Sound Proofing & Protection

Floor Mats

Offers protection for the floor from all the gear, and adds some sound proofing.

available at amazon

Moving Blankets

Yes. Moving blankets. You can spend $thousands on sound proofing foam, or get creative with less expensive alternatives that work fantastically!

available at amazon

CyberPower UPS

Gotta protect all the gear from power surges!

available at amazon

… and LOTS and LOTS of cables and accessories! 🙂

Here at Live Streaming Pros, we help you create professional LIVE Streams! Whether you’re going LIVE from your phone or a studio like Michael, we help you stand out from the crowd!

Interested in having a Custom Studio built so you don’t have to worry about what equipment to piece together and knowing how everything works? Let’s chat!

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