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Masterclass Application

What is the Masterclass?

The Masterclass is an 8-week program specifically designed to help YOU as a coach implement a LIVE streaming strategy that's effective at getting you more clients for your coaching business, and/or more sales to your products, courses or membership site.

This is a SMALL group of students to ensure you get personal attention!

Deep Dive Training:

  • ​Strategy for LIVE
  • Creating the correct mix of value & engagement
  • How to achieve a PROFESSIONAL stream while keeping the authentic YOU
  • Community Building & Audience Engagement
  • Platform Choices & Multi-casting
  • Repurposing your LIVE content
  • SELLING through LIVE
  • Technical training on Levels 1-4 (mobile to TV Quality)

Hot Seat Training:

  • ​Weekly LIVE Group Calls
  • "Hot Seat" means you'll get exclusive "you" time to discuss your needs 
  • Instruction based on YOUR goals
  • Learn from other coaches in various industries - get fresh ideas!
  • ALL your questions answered!
  • Accountability
AJ Rivera
Fitness Business Mentor

Luria thank you guys so much! Thanks to you, I've tripled the amount of viewers I'm getting regularly. I'm getting better, more qualified leads, and I'm growing my YouTube channel everyday. Can't thank you guys enough!"

How EXACTLY does it work?

During the 8 week program, you'll be given access to lessons on demand. Watch as quickly as you want, or go through them with our suggested Lesson Calendar. 

In addition to the lessons, we'll have a weekly LIVE coaching call where we'll answer questions, and everyone gets a chance to discuss their progress. Get help with what you're trying to accomplish, and as a group, we'll find solutions to any stumbling blocks you encounter.

In a group setting, the creativity flows! Everyone has a unique perspective. So be ready to give as well as receive!

You'll have private access to lessons, and we'll do weekly calls via Zoom (video). These will be recorded for later playback as well.

This is a small group so that no one is left behind, and you'll find lifelong friends you can trust and bounce ideas off of as you move forward after the class.

Heather Dopson

When I was tasked with starting a live broadcast for GoDaddy, I knew I needed to find the best of the best to help me. I did a lot of research and found there were a lot of people talking about 'live' but had just kind of jumped on the bandwagon. What I loved so much about Luria and Dave of Live Streaming Pros is the depth and breadth of their combined experience. Dave and Luria have been broadcasting live longer then most people have been on Facebook. Their guidance and training was absolutely essential into getting our show off the ground and they continue to be a valuable trusted resource for us."

Let's Do This!

Fill out the application by clicking "Apply Now" below!

Next class starts soon!

Joe Colantonio

Six months ago, I knew nothing about live streaming. Then I discovered Live Streaming Pros. Their Masterclass and consulting services taught me everything I needed to know to run a successful live conference. Using all the tools and techniques they showed me, I was able to generate more income with my first one-week conference than I earn in a year at my regular job. The event was a hit all the way around, and I couldn't have done it without Luria and David. I can't recommend them highly enough!"

The Masterclass is $997 for the 8 week program

Applications are closed for now. Apply to be notified of the next class.

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Mario Armstrong
The TODAY Show

Live Streaming Pros takes multi-million dollar budgets and workflows and makes that accessible to an individual broadcaster. That's powerful! You have a great gift to have Luria and David as your instructors."

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