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Mario Armstrong is all over TV. Whether it’s the TODAY show, CNN, Rachel Ray, or any of the other shows he appears on, he’s there, sharing his take on the world. Now he’s bringing his infectious enthusiasm to the emerging venue of livestreaming, with a show that’s styled on TV, but Mario sees doing it online as advantageous for a number of reasons.

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Mario’s new Never Settle Show launches April 5, and he shared some details about his vision for the show and how it all came to be.

Mario wants the Never Settle Show to be about helping people realize their goals and dreams, whatever those are. For instance, his first episode will be about the things people should do and consider as they move to quit their “day job” and pursue their dream full time. That’s a big step, and one you don’t want to take without a lot of thought and planning.

Due to the high costs of producing a TV show, there is a very strong trend toward copying things that have been successful elsewhere. If one network has something that works, everyone else tries to tweak it to fit their audience. And television’s use of social and new media is very limited right now. Mario wanted to do something new, and he was turned down by one traditional TV outlet after another. That was when he realized that it wasn’t his idea that was flawed, but the audience he was pitching it to. He stopped pitching to network executives and started talking directly to viewers. He ran a survey of his potential audience and found out exactly what they wanted, right down to the day and time people most wanted to see his show.

Mario has a ton of great advice, and he was such a great guest – you really need to watch the entire interview because he shared so much value. Make sure you check out his site and his show!

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