Why and how to strategically use a .LIVE domain name, with Marc Gawith

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Top level domains are the last part of URLs – the .com, .net, .gov, etc. Did you know there’s a .LIVE that you could use to give an extra push to your LIVE shows? Marc Gawith of Be.Live  joined us to talk about special purpose domains and how they can help people with branding.

Listen to the audio version:

Be.Live is fairly new site, offering a place for those of us who do LIVE to see what others are producing and keep up to date on developments in the streaming world. Right now Marc is working to educate people that the .LIVE domain is a possibility – most people just think about .com.

What are the advantages of .LIVE?

Marc uses his own URL, Marc.Live, as a place for his Periscope videos. So anytime he’s live, people can catch him at Marc.Live, rather than worrying about an awkwardly long Periscope URL. It makes his home on the web simple and memorable. The branding is about him, not about Periscope.

Video creators can also build a simple website with a .LIVE domain, and embed their streams there. The domain helps people understand that the site is all about LIVE video. This also gives a place to move your content in case a platform shuts down, as Vine recently did.

Marc sees branding as one of the biggest reasons to use a .LIVE – Facebook doesn’t need the advertising you give them every time you share your video that’s on Facebook. But if you’re using your own URL, you can promote your own brand with every share.

At Live Streaming Pros, we use our .LIVE as a home for our content calendar, so people can always know what’s coming up on the daily show. You can check that out at LiveStreamingPros.Live.

There’s no one answer for everyone’s marketing goals. Would .LIVE help you in your video branding? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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