Make Video Your Customers Want!

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You have an online brand. You want to grow that brand and make it more effective. Right? When you make video, you need to do two important things! You must have GOOD quality video, but you also can’t forget that all important second piece to the equation. And that’s to make the right KIND of video! The kind of video your customers ACTUALLY want!

Today’s Question

Each week, we do a Facebook LIVE stream (Thursdays at 11:00 AM Pacific) where you can ask questions, and we’ll explore the answers so you can be more efficient in your business! Then we take one of those questions and turn it into this weekly Q&A video!

This week’s question comes from Dimitri Stuer.

Is professional video a better way to brand yourself?

Make Video Your Customers Want!

Part 1: Make Good Video

You need good video, absolutely! You want to make the best quality video you can, but you don’t want to get wrapped up into trying to make it soooo professional that you can’t release anything!

So focus on getting great audio, lighting and camera angles. You can start with our free mini course and learn how to make video with your phone in 3 easy steps!

Your video doesn’t have to be perfect. But it does have to be full of YOUR personality!

Part 2: Make the Right KIND of Video!

Doing the right KIND is equally as important as having good video! You want to make sure you’re making video that’s what your customers are wanting to watch.

If you don’t, then you’re spinning your wheels and your efforts are pointless.

You may not know when you’re first starting out, so here’s what to do. Start with something you THINK they want in these four categories:

  1. Teach someone something
  2. Show someone how to do something
  3. Inspire someone
  4. Show why someone would want to buy a product or service

Then, as you get feedback and viewers, ask them what they want to watch! And start to target your content to your customers… or your desired customers!

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