Livestreaming studio camera roundup!

David Foster 09.11.2017 0 comments

There’s one thing we all have in common as LIVE video streamers: We all use CAMERAS! Whether it’s a phone, a webcam, or a 4K studio camera, it all starts there! In this show we’re going to take a tour around the our studio and talk about the cameras we have and use.

When we first got started, we were using the Canon XA25. One of the things we especially like about this one is that it uses a very stable and dependable SDI connection. We prefer SDI for all our studio cameras.

That said, our Panasonic GH5 mirrorless camera has a full HDMI out ability. The problem with a lot of cameras with HDMI is the delay – they were primarily designed for moving still images, so the delay will get you when you do video. The GH5 puts out true full HDMI so we don’t have that problem there.

The Vixia HF A20 is a great starter broadcast camera that runs on HDMI. This is a solid alternative to DSLRs that have auto shutoffs that limit how long you can run video.

The main camera for Luria’s Live Streaming Pros set is the Blackmagic Studio HD camera with a Rokinon 35mm fixed lens. That lens is what delivers that nice shallow depth of field you see on her set. It’s also got a nice big screen on the back that makes setting up the shot you want easy.

My main cameras on the Geeks Life set are PTZ cameras from PTZOptics, which are wired by SDI all the way back to the main computer. That’s a much farther cable run than you’d want to do with HDMI. The PTZs can also be programmed to move to a different subject at a button press, which is an ability I love!

The final camera on my set is the Sony PTZ, which is a nice camera, but gives me some interlace, so I use it less than some of the others.

What camera or cameras do you use? How many? Do you plan an upgrade soon, and if so, what’s next for you? Let us know in the comments!

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