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For the past decade, Luria Petrucci has been at the forefront of online video creation and innovation. If you're struggling to figure out your content and community-building strategy, Live Streaming Pros is the place to go for in-depth training from the best team in the biz.


LIVE video is an exciting world! You don't have to navigate it all on your own.

Follow this step-by-step guide. Get started quickly, easily & set yourself up for success!

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Your Goals
  • Your show idea
  • Which LIVE platform to use
  • "You"nique you (authenticity)

Module 2: Being On Camera

  • Overcome your fear of being on camera
  • Learn how to be effective on camera
  • Scripts vs bullet points

Module 3: Your Live Content

You'll learn the Formula to maximize value & engagement. Plus! Types of content you MUST be creating!

  • The "How To" stream
  • The "Review" stream
  • The "Screencast" stream
  • The "Interview" stream
  • The "Behind the scenes" stream

Module 4: Live Streaming Levels

  • The 4 Levels of Live Streaming (TM)
  • Level 1: The Selfie Stream
  • Level 2: Mobile Plus
  • Level 3: Streaming from your desktop

Module 5: Shooting LIVE

  • Create your set
  • Framing & Headroom
  • Lighting
  • How To Go LIVE


Once you get started, then you can GROW and monetize!

Module 1: The After LIVE (Repurposing Content!)

  • What happens AFTER your stream?
  • Analytics
  • Repurposing your Content

Module 2: Workflows

  • Workflow Tips
  • Access to our Worksheets

Module 3: Growing Your Audience

  • Community
  • Social Media Targeting Techniques
  • Determine, and set your ad budget
  • How to setup and run effective Facebook ads

Module 4: Build a Buzz

  • Building a Buzz Campaign
  • Media Tours

Module 5: Monetization

  • Direct Revenue vs Indirect Revenue
  • Your Email List
  • Sponsorships
  • Lead Generation


Whether you repurpose your LIVE content, or you shoot fresh video, RECORDED video is an important part to your online marketing strategy!

Bonus Module 1: Your Recorded Content

What kind of recorded content you need to create IN ADDITION TO your live video!

  • The "How To" Video
  • The "Review" Video
  • The "Screencast" Video
  • The "Interview" Video

Bonus Module 2: Shooting Recorded Video

  • Shooting recorded video with your phone
  • Cameras
  • Shooting in 4K
  • Tripods
  • Shooting Handheld
  • Audio
  • Lighting on the go
  • White balance
  • Depth of field
  • How to sound human with a script

Bonus Module 3: Editing Video

  • Shooting for the edit
  • Editing terms
  • YouTube Editor
  • iMovie
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Getting started with Final Cut X
  • Getting started with Adobe Premiere
  • Video Compression

Bonus Module 4: Publishing

  • Where to publish your videos
AJ Rivera, Fitness Business Mentor

Thanks to you, I've tripled the amount of viewers I'm getting regularly. I'm getting better, more qualified leads, and I'm growing my YouTube channel everyday. Can't thank you guys enough!



  • Over 1 billion video views
  • 3500 videos
  • 2 million social media followers
  • 11 years experience


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