Updates in the worlds of Facebook LIVE & Periscope Producer!

Luria Petrucci 10.20.2016 0 comments

Live video is a constantly changing world (which is awesome), so you have to keep your eyes open if you’re going going to take advantage of all the newest stuff! That’s where we come in – this episode is all about some big news in live video that may change how you use Periscope and Facebook Live.

Periscope Producer

Periscope is stepping up their game and getting a lot more appealing for people who do studio shows like we do. Up until now, it’s all been about going live from your phone. Now along comes Periscope Producer, which is going to allow going live on the service from a computer for greater production value!

Facebook Live

Facebook is starting to roll out a live video box that can appear in your notifications. Yes! Actual video that you see as a pop-up of people going live! This sounds like it’s just starting to roll out – let us know if you’re seeing it. Also, I figured out how to make SURE you get notifications every time someone you follow goes live. I did a separate video stepping you through setting this up – you can check that out here.

It’s great to see both these service pushing forward with new features – we users will be the winners!

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