LIVE Video Studio Setup: Amy Porterfield’s Behind the Scenes Tour

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Amy Porterfield’s LIVE Video Studio Setup! Go behind the scenes in Amy’s Video Studio and check out the gear she uses!

One of the services we provide at Live Streaming Pros is Custom Studio Builds, where we build people a custom studio in their home or office that they can use for video recording, LIVE Video, webinars and more.

This is Amy Porterfield’s custom studio, and you can find all the gear and equipment mentioned below!

Get access to our Gear Guides to help you build your own studio!

What’s your favorite part of Amy’s studio?

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Learn more about Amy Porterfield & her awesome “Marketing Made Easy” Podcast!

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vMix Software

Blackmagic Studio Camera

Lumix 12-60mm Lens

Ring Light

Aperture Light

Audio Technica Shotgun Mic

Dracast Lights

xKeys 24

Blackmagic Web Presenter


****PLEASE NOTE: You may be able to use a less expensive capture card

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