Live video spotted on Instagram

David Foster 10.27.2016 0 comments

Do you love Instagram? Do you love live streaming? If you answered “yes” to both of those, your worlds are about to collide. We are hearing reports out of Russia that Instagram is testing a new live streaming feature in that country. It’s going by the name “Insta”, so that’s the word to be watching for.

Have you encountered Insta yet? Are you ready for another platform for your shows? Will you simulcast to multiple services when and if Insta becomes available to you? Let us know in the comments!

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David Foster

I used to be the CEO of a tech start up, and learned that I don't like the corporate environment. I like helping people brand themselves, and building REAL relationships with their customers. I also really enjoy technology. I also LOVE helping people learn new stuff. Lets go LIVE!

0 thoughts on “Live video spotted on Instagram”

  1. Absolutely! I think, if everyday users have the ability to in the future, reach will increase by a LOT if Instagram is anything like Facebook (and judging by the fact that Facebook owns Instagram, I hope so).

    Facebook gives a notification to the followers of a page or person when the page or person goes live. To make things even sweeter, they put your live videos at the top of news feeds.

    If Instagram follows in Facebook’s footsteps, I will adopt this into my live streaming and social media marketing strategy immediately!

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