Live video on Instagram Stories is coming!

Luria Petrucci 11.29.2016 0 comments

We’re continuing to hear details about Instagram’s new live video feature. We’ve talked a bit before about it before here and here. Now we know that it will be called Instagram Stories. During the test it seemed to be called “Insta”, but that name has fallen away. It’s a very Facebook-like design, complete with the ability to give hearts and likes. You can only go live on Instagram for an hour. You can also pin posts to the top of your timeline. Very Facebook-like.

So, should you jump on Instagram Stories? We advise not stretching yourself too thin. Don’t try to be in too many places at once. Think about where your audience is. If you’re already building a following on Facebook, you don’t want to desert them for the new thing. But, maybe you’re already marketing on Instagram, growing a following there, in which case the new feature is a real possibility. Focus on where you audience is.

Thankful for YOU!

This was our last show before Thanksgiving, so of course I had to think about what I’m thankful for… That’s actually an easy one: YOU! We have had a lot of wins this year, both as a business and as a community. Thank you for being a community, and joining in every day, and sharing it with others. I love that the number of people we can help with their live streaming goals is growing all the time!

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