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Live Stream to Build Your Brand is Part 3 in our “Nurture Your Community” series. In this series, we’re diving into one way you can nurture your community on each show. When you take care of your community, they turn into customers!

We define “nurture” as communicating with them. Building a relationship with them. Getting to know them. Allowing them to get to know you.

Last week, we discussed using an Email List to nurture your community, and the previous week about using Chatrooms. In future weeks, we’ll talk about:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Newsletters & Postcards
  • SMS

If you are curious about another method you’d like discussed, or if you have a suggestion for another episode in the series, leave a comment below! We’ll work it in!

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What Kinds of Live Streams Can You Do?

There’s MOBILE Live Stream, which is where you go live on your mobile phone with Facebook LIVE or Periscope. YouTube Connect will be coming to a mobile phone near you… at least that’s what we expect soon!

Then there’s live stream in the studio, or at events that you’ll use cameras, not your phone, for and it requires a bit more equipment, time and effort.

In these cases, you can use a variety of services. The most popular are YouTube Live, Ustream and Livestream.

We use NewTek’s Tricaster Mini HD-4 to do professional live stream with multiple camera angles, lower thirds, videos, keying out a green screen and more!

What Does A Live Stream Do For Your Brand?

Live streams are one of the BEST ways you can nurture your community, build your brand and gain a bigger audience! Why?

Well, because it’s HUMAN! People love connecting to other people and they love when you’re just… you. Live Streams are live. There’s no editing. There’s no way to hide stuff with the magic of editing.

And plus… it’s INSTANT! People can talk to you immediately through chat, and you can answer them immediately through live video. It’s a powerful connection.

The downside is that it’s not as accessible AFTER the fact. Periscope is definitely not. Though, with Katch, you can archive a low quality version. Facebook LIVE video certainly is available after the fact, but it eventually gets lost in your newsfeed.

How Should You Use Live Video?

There are a few ways to nurture your community with livestreaming. Some of which are:

  • Commuity Engagement: just hang out with people and get to know your community!
  • Q&A: Answer people’s questions! Promote a scheduled event ahead of time!
  • Tip of the Week: Again, schedule it out and help people learn something.
  • How To’s: Show people how to do something!
  • Behind the Scenes: Show your community how the “sausage is made”. Give them a special behind the scenes view of your business!

Get More Viewers in a Live Stream

We recently did a Q&A video about how to get more viewers to your livestreams, so definitely go check that out for additional information!

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