Give your online audience an EXPERIENCE

not just a LIVE stream of your event!

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Most LIVE event streams are boring. A camera pointed at the stage.

There’s a massive disconnect between the excitement that comes from being at an event in person… and watching from across the world.

Your online audience feels disconnected.

We specialize in not JUST streaming your small event, but making the stream a special EXPERIENCE.

They deserve as much engagement as they would get by attending in person.

And yes…

You can SELL TICKETS to your LIVE event when they get VALUE from it!

We do this two ways:

“Behind the Scenes” Style

Share your amazing content happening on stage with a “Behind the Scenes” flare!

Not only will your online audience get to hear from speakers on stage, they’ll ALSO have a LIVE host walking them through a special experience that can ONLY be had online!

The host will chat with the audience, show them behind the scenes, do attendee interviews, interview representatives of your company and deliver sponsor messages directly to the LIVE stream!

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“Interview” Style

With on-camera personalities hosting the LIVE stream, you’ll have a fully produced, engaging event your online audience can participate in!

Most common in this style is to have one or two hosts interview guests or attendees at the event.

A show that flows from commentary to interviews to online audience engagement (and includes sponsor messages you’ve arranged)…

It’s a stream audiences don’t want to stop watching!

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