“Level 4 Pro” Live Streamer Guide


First, let me go over a a few basics. Then, we’ll cover the equipment you need to get started!

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The 4 Levels of Live Streaming

There are 4 Levels of quality when it comes to live streaming video.

Level 1: The Selfie Stream

This is when you handhold your phone in a selfie style manner. It’s up close and personal, which is great, but you often get that “shaky cam” footage which can be disorienting to the viewer and not professional. We use this level ourselves when we are out and about, and for quick off the cuff streams.

Level 2: Mobile Plus

With Level 2, you can still use your phone, but you’ll add some gear to it so you get a more professional looking and sounding video. You’ll have better, more stable video, better audio, and better lighting.

Level 3: The Desktop

When you want to step it up another level, you can go LIVE from your computer. You’ll be able to have widescreen video, add images and pre-recorded video into your stream, add lower thirds (titles), graphics and more. If you want to do interviews on your show, this is where you start!

Level 4: The TV Show

Level 4 is TV quality streaming, which is what we’re covering in THIS Guide. You use a dedicated machine and can do everything you see on traditional broadcast TV. Without the massive studio and million dollar budgets they have!

Even though you’re at Level 4, you should ALSO use Level 2 for your “random” streams (keep reading to learn more).

Live Video Strategy

The most effective strategy for your live streaming is a 2 Part Strategy.

Part 1: Consistency & Commitment

You need to think about your live streaming as both a “Know, Like & Trust” builder, and a marketing strategy.

When you do a consistent weekly (or monthly) live stream (known as a “LIVE show”), and you focus on VALUE and give to your audience.

You also want to be “YOUniquely You” to open up to your audience and allow them to connect to the HUMAN side of your brand/business.

Part 2: Random Streams

With random streams in addition to your LIVE “show”, you create a relationship with your followers and customers. You just “hang out” with your community.

This 2 Part approach is a long term strategy that will deliver a COMMUNITY of people who trust you and are loyal. And who are going to be more likely to buy your products or services without you hard “selling”.


There are multiple platforms available to you to go LIVE from. Including:

  • Facebook LIVE (can use with Level 4)
  • Periscope (requires Periscope Producer in order to use with Level 4)
  • YouTube LIVE (can use with Level 4)
  • Instagram Stories LIVE (can only use with Level 1 or 2)

Each offers its own benefits and drawbacks. If you already have a strong existing community in one of the platforms, then consider making that your LIVE home.

If there’s not a clear answer, start with Facebook LIVE. At this time, it offers the most advantages, and the most control over your streams.

Level 4 Equipment

Remember, Level 4 is the ability to go LIVE from a dedicated machine that’s built to do one thing… and that one thing WELL. You’ll be able to do online interviews, add Lower Thirds (title graphics), completely brand your stream to be YOU, do split screen or PIP, play recorded videos, etc.

Dedicated Machine

We will be coming to you and setting up your studio, and teaching you how to use your new equipment.

We will discuss these details on your consultation call, so think through these questions ahead of time:

  1. Will you be leaving your equipment in place, or traveling with it to events or different office locations?
  2. How much room do you have to create a “studio”?
  3. Will you be running the streams yourself or have a producer who can work the controls?
  4. How many camera angles do you want?

… and don’t go buying anything until after our call! 🙂

Next Steps

Now what?

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