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Be Confident On Camera!

And KILL Perfectionism!

FREE 30 Day Challenge

D’oh! Registration for 2022 is closed but we’ll be doing it again soon!

Video, Video & More Video!

Whether you’re doing Zoom Calls, Live Streams, Videos, Speeches or Trainings…

BEING ON CAMERA feels scary, intimidating & uncomfortable… but it doesn’t have to be!
Luria Petrucci
Welcome to the LEDA Challenge!




31 days is intense, you’re thinking right about now.


You don’t even want to get on video ONE time, let alone 30 days straight!

If this isn’t sounding all that much fun right about now, hang with me for a sec…

Here's my promise to you

The more video you do in a short period of time (aka the firehose approach), the faster you’ll reach the confidence you’re looking for, you’ll be forced to do it raw and see the beauty in it not being “perfect” and the quicker you’ll see results!


You could let this process take you 1 year…
…or 1 month.

Which sounds better to you?

By the end of this challenge

You’ll be confident in your ability to create video and go live and get on Zoom so that you can do your job, grow your audience and THRIVE!


And… you’ll finally know that imperfection is actually… pretty damn perfect! 😉

Don't know what to say?

Don’t worry!


Every evening, I’ll send you an email with your next day’s challenge.

I’ll tell you exactly what to say and what to do. 


You’ll be guided every step of the way.

Whew! No fears now! 🤣

Don't want to make a fool of yourself?

I hear ya… no one wants to put themselves out there to face criticism! That’s why we give you a private Facebook Group where you’ll go live. It’s a safe, private place to practice with a community of supportive people!

How does it work exactly?

LEDA Facebook Group

Sign up today and on July 28th, you’ll get a link to join the private Facebook Group.


Starting April 1st, we’ll kick the fun off! 


Every evening, Luria will send you the next day’s challenge via email with instructions on exactly what to say and do. 


You’ll go live inside the Facebook Group and complete the exercise. 


You’ll get feedback, encouragement and support from the community, as well as our team! 


By the end of the challenge, you’ll be confident in your ability to create video and go live and do those Zoom calls so that you can THRIVE!


Ready? LET’S DO THIS!!!

Be CONFIDENT on Video!

FREE 30 Day Challenge