Tips for branding yourself and your business with Jaime Masters

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Jaime Masters has been podcasting and promoting her brand online for five years. On her show, Eventual Millionaire, she interviews people who’ve hit the millionaire mark, talking to them about how they did it and what advice they have for people who want the same kind of success. She also has a successful coaching business where she helps people find and further their achievements.

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Don’t be afraid to promote yourself

An early mistake Jaime recalled was being too humble. She downplayed herself (because that’s what we’re taught to do), but found that people were asking what she did. So she realized it was time for reworking her brand, and making sure that her expertise was front and center. It’s now very clear that she is a business coaching expert who also interviews millionaires. She says finding the right balance of too much self promotion and not enough is a fine line. You just need to play with that balance and find what’s right for you and your audience.

Her vision of branding is a process of evolving and discovering what is right for an person or a business. If you try to brand yourself with an image that isn’t really you, it won’t work. It won’t feel right to you, and people will see through the facade. Another tip is not to brand your business with your name if you have any thought that you might sell the company down the road.

The importance of selling a product

As far as revenue (a term she prefers to “monetizing”) goes, Jaime advocates having something to sell. Lots of people think they will make their money off of sponsorships, but that is truly not an easy way to go. You have to have SO many people in your audience for sponsorships to pay more than a few pennies that most people will never reach the goal. That’s why having a product you can sell is so important.

A little media goes a long way

She also cautions against chasing too much media exposure. A little bit of appearing on things like CNN, popular magazines and Yahoo’s home page is great for giving you some expertise credibility, but on its own does not translate to revenue. And it doesn’t bring in the site traffic that many imagine. It’s part of the overall puzzle, but there are better things to spend your time pursuing.

Jaime recommends the books “Business Model Generation” and “Will It Fly?”. Check them out!

And be sure to check out Jaime’s advice by going through the quiz on her site – That will help you understand where you are in business and what tools will work best for you at your current point on the journey.

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