Internet Speed for LIVE Streaming: What you need to know

David Foster 08.25.2017 0 comments

Internet speed is at the heart of putting out an awesome LIVE stream. If your Up speed isn’t fast enough, your LIVE video efforts will suffer and you’ll just wind up annoying people with pixelation and bad buffering.

So, first, find out what your speed is. Go to Google and type in “speed test”, then go for the first result they bring you, which is their speed tester. Just click the big blue button at the top of the results that says “Run Speed Test”.

This will give you both Down and Up speeds. Make sure you know the difference; we don’t really care about Download speed as live video producers – we care about Upload, which will determine how fast you can push your content up to the internet. Facebook will take up to 4 Mbps. But don’t just think that you’re set if you have 5 Mbps, because your speed is constantly fluctuating. If you have 5 Mbps Up, that only gives you 1 Mbps safety margin before you start to fall below what Facebook can take. You really want your margin to be as big as possible, particularly if you are on an ISP that provides service by co-ax cable. Fiber is FAR more consistent, so if it’s available to you, seriously consider that.

And, if you’re streaming to multiple platforms at once, like Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope at the same time, you should have at least 25 Mbps Up, and better 50. Remember each of your Up streams takes a bite out of your total capability.

In the video above, we go through a LOT of questions and tips from our audience, so make sure you check that out – tons of great info from the community!

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