How to use LIVE video to drive MASSIVE EXCITEMENT to your launch!

Luria Petrucci 11.27.2017 0 comments

Whatever your product, whether it’s a book, a course, a service, a new online show, a store opening – ANYTHING! – you can get people excited, talking about it and showing up for it, with LIVE video!

There are four key elements to driving massive excitement to your launch: Views, Sales, Content, and Tech. Let’s look at each of those, and see how LIVE can drive them forward.


Keep this in mind: LIVE video is not magic. It’s amazingly powerful, but results don’t happen overnight. And improving views requires stuff from you beyond just going LIVE. First, you need to be CONSISTENT. Viewers need to know when and where they can find you on a regular, predictable basis. That’s how you build a loyal audience – by showing up! Second, use all of the assets at your disposal. That means your social media account, your direct emails, advertising, everything you can bring forward to drive people to your launch.


To increase sales, you need to have a strategy that will take you where you want to go. Make sure you have thought out that plan ahead of time. You can absolutely tweak your plans as you go along and see what works and what doesn’t, but starting with a strategy is key. Part of that should be a lead capture plan. That can be something like a PDF that you give in exchange for adding someone to a mailing list. Find something that will be useful to your target audience and offer it to bring them into your community. (Facebook Messenger bots are GREAT for delivering these offers, by the way!)


Is your content on-target? Does it directly lead to the thing you’re launching? This comes back to LIVE not being a magic solution. You need to use it in such a way that it moves people toward your launch. Give them easy wins (free opt-ins, like I mentioned above) that will get them excited about the thing you’re launching. Great content gets people invested in you and your message, so when you roll out your launch you have people who are eager to be your customers.


This is where the 4 Levels of LIVE Video come in: Level 1 is just going live from your phone, Level 2 is your phone plus some add-ons like external mics and lights, Level 3 is streaming through your computer, and Level 4 is using a dedicated computer that does nothing but LIVE video and is set up especially for that. Your budget has a lot to do with where you’ll begin on this scale (and Level 1 should never go away for Life Streams, even if you do everything else at Level 4), but it’s vitally important that you not get TOO wrapped up in the tech. And definitely don’t let the tech keep you from going LIVE. David Foster does a Tech-oriented show right here every Tuesday at 10 AM to help you tackle that side of the equation with as little pain as possible.

Which of these four elements gives you the most trouble, and what are your plans to improve. Let me know in the comments!

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