How to use LIVE video in the Real Estate business!

Luria Petrucci 12.08.2016 0 comments

Live video is a powerful tool for connecting businesses to new customers. One of my passions is digging into different businesses to see how live streaming can unlock possibilities. In this show we’re looking at what those applications are for the real estate industry.

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Anyone who has sold real estate knows the business is all about making connections with people and keeping those relationships strong so that when people need an agent, they immediately turn to you. Sound familiar? It’s all about engagement, which we discuss ALL THE TIME! A regular live show can build the know, like, and trust factor that will create a client.

So, what are some ideas you can build shows around?

Telling stories

As a real estate agent, you’re telling a story. You’re helping people see themselves living in the houses you’re showing them. You can tell those stories through video very effectively, reaching a lot of people with a single telling, and helping them see themselves in a house.

The process of real estate

One way to quickly create a massive number of show ideas is to go through each step of the buying and selling processes. Break it down, piece by piece. And make each piece a single show. Audiences will bond with you as a teacher, and come to a transaction already knowing what to expect.

Home ownership how-to’s

How about the details of home ownership? For first time buyers, shows about what it’s actually like to own a home are extremely valuable. You could discuss issues like landscaping, maintenance, property taxes, insurance‚Ķ all the little details that someone who has only lived in apartments might not know much about.

Livestream an open house

Some agents have just set up cameras on tripods during an open house. They can answer questions as people visit the house virtually.

Highlight neighborhoods

Show people what it’s like to live in certain neighborhoods. What is the shopping like? What kinds of restaurants and coffee shops might people be able to enjoy if they live nearby. Tell stories about what life in the neighborhood is like.

Testimonials with happy clients

Have you just sold a house to someone who is extremely happy with the purchase and grateful for the ways you helped it go smoothly? Live stream that! Reviews are very powerful on the internet, and to actually see the excitement on someone’s face is so much better than just printed words!

Don’t forget the importance of showing yourself as a real, likable person that potential clients can trust. Spontaneous livestreams that may not even have to do directly with real estate can help with this.

That’s just a few ideas, but it’s enough to keep a weekly live show about real estate busy for a year!

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