How to use Facebook’s Creator App

Luria Petrucci 01.19.2018 0 comments

Have you heard about Facebook’s new Creator App? It can be very useful for your Life Streams, those on-the-go videos you do from your phone to build a stronger bond with your audience. The app is currently iOS-only, so we’ll just have to see when Facebook decides to do an Android version.

Facebook Creator is an app that allows you to connect to your Page and go live from your phone, to your Page. It allows you to add graphics to mobile streams, which is pretty awesome!

From our testing so far, it seems that using the Creator app is helping with reach. That’s not an official part of it, but it’s very likely that the Facebook algorithm is giving some preference to video using the app as they roll it out.

As is always the case with new stuff from Facebook, it’s not available to everybody. There are things you can do to up your chances of being offered the app, and I go over that in the video. I also step through the use of the app so if you do have it, you can start adding graphics to those mobile streams. Check out the video for all of that.

Do you have access to Facebook Creator? Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments, and as always ask any questions you might have!

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