How To Promote Your Blog & Save Time Using CoSchedule

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If you have a blog you already know how important social media can be to bringing in an audience. Word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising and social media is digital word of mouth. Getting a link to your content in front of all the people who follow you on social media is vitally important. One of the best ways I’ve ever found to do that is CoSchedule.

CoSchedule will work with your WordPress blog to make social media promotion a pretty simple and painless process. The heart of the service is their Calendar view. You link your CoSchedule account with your WordPress blog and each becomes fully aware of the other. You can edit your blog posts from your CoSchedule account, and you can plan CoSchedule promotions through your social media accounts from your blog.

Planning Your Publishing with CoSchedule

When you create a new post on your WordPress site it shows up in the WordPress tab on the right side of your CoSchedule calendar.


You can either set a publication date and time through WordPress, or do it through the CoSchedule Edit Post screen. You get to that by clicking the post you’re working on in the Unscheduled view.


Any posts you’ve already published from your site will already be on the calendar. Published posts are greyed out, unpublished posts are not. You can plan your publication schedule and make sure you’re not putting out too much content all at once. If you normally publish four posts a week, you won’t want to do them all on Monday. You’ll probably want to spread them throughout your week, so your audience will feel that your blog is a place where new stuff continues to be posted. You want them checking your site every day or two, not just once a week.

Next comes the fun (and really important) stuff.

Scheduling Your Promotions with CoSchedule

Now that you have a post, or maybe several, lined up on your CoSchedule calendar, you can start planning your social promotion. Part of the setup you’ll go through for CoSchedule is linking it to all the social media accounts you want to use. Once that’s done, it’s an easy process to set up messages linking back to your post on all your accounts. You can set them all at once (all the same message directed at multiple accounts), but we recommend doing each message individually. That way you can account for differences in each services, such as allowed character counts and how images are displayed. But even doing each message separately is a matter of just a few minutes.


The scheduling interface also makes it easy to schedule future promotions on the same blog post. You need to consider the timeliness of your post here. Don’t promote a post six months from now if it’s announcing an event that will occur one month from publication. But if the post will be as interesting to an audience several months from now as it is today, you should absolutely promote it several times down the line. Consider a schedule like: at publication, next day, next week, next month, then 3 – 6 months later. You can set all of those in CoSchedule when you publish then you don’t have to worry about that post again.

Fine Tuning a Headline with CoSchedule

Headlines are often the first thing that people see of your posts. Headlines can either draw the audience in, or leave them uncompelled and scrolling on by to something else. CoSchedule has a built in Headline Analyzer that you can access through the Edit Post page. To the right of the Post Title field you’ll see a colored circle containing a number. Just float your pointer over that for a quick analysis of the words you’ve used and the length of your headline. There’s a Full Analysis link for a more in-depth look at things you might want to tweak.


Why We Love CoSchedule

A lot of services promise to help you with blog promotion and getting your content to line up on a calendar. What makes CoSchedule so exceptional in our experience is the intuitive design and ease of use. Once you learn the basics (and you’ll pick them up pretty fast with the help of some excellent screencast training the service provides) you’ll find that everything works the way you expect it to. That’s really worth calling out, as many services don’t pull that trick off very well.

CoSchedule does what it claims to do. It helps you develop, then implement your social media plan to bring your blog to a wider audience. And it does it very painlessly.

To start a 14-day free trial, just head on over to

Do you use CoSchedule? Are you going to try it? Let us know in the comments!

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