How to prepare for Facebook’s move toward TV

David Foster 02.27.2017 0 comments


Facebook is heading to your TV. As boxes like the Roku and Apple TV add more and more apps, Facebook is making moves to be your number one (maybe only) destination for information and entertainment videos.

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This means, the quality bar is going to be going up. People expect a certain production level when they watch things on TV. The bigger the screens, the bigger the amplification on quality flaws. That’s why moving past streams from your phone, and even streams from browser-based solutions, is going to be so important to keep and hold audiences on Facebook in the future.

These smaller-scale solutions are GREAT for getting started. You need to get started in whatever way you can afford. But if you’re making a serious commitment to video as an important part of your business, understand that browser-based options won’t let you compete in the world Facebook is planning.

Not everyone has the same opinion on this one – it’s a little controversial. What do you feel about Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for a TV-heavy Facebook? Do you think there will still be a chance to compete using browser-based streaming solutions? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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