How To Get More Viewers by Providing Value in a Live Stream

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I want more VIEWERS on my live stream!!! , have you ever said that?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Livestreaming is becoming more and more ubiquitous and prominent in our social worlds. When you understand how to FORMAT your live stream, you’ll begin to get more viewers as well. There are definite no-no’s and absolute musts!

Today’s Question

This week’s Q&A comes from a question Ant Pruitt asked on our weekly Facebook LIVE Q&A.

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How should someone approach live streaming? Expect to engage? Or just expect to broadcast? Does this all depend on your product?

How To Format Your Live Stream & GET MORE VIEWS!

First and foremost, you must provide VALUE in your livestream! It can not just be a chat if you expect to gain an audience. I’m not saying you can’t just get on a livestream to chat, but if your goal is to grow a community and get customers, that’s not how you’re going to use mobile live streaming.

4 MUST Do’s to keep in mind before you start your Live Stream:

  1. Provide Value. Have a topic in mind and make sure you give your viewers knowledge, information, or inspiration!
  2. Interact with your live audience but don’t let it get in the way of your value. You want to structure your videos in such a way that you do both successfully!
  3. Use Names: When you talk to the audience, use their names! If you can’t quite pronounce it right, try, apologize for messing it up and ask for a phonetic pronunciation so you get it right next time.
  4. Be Regular: If your goal is to build up an audience for your livestreams, you want to choose a regular time you do your streams. Promote it. Be on time and be consistent.

Follow This Format:

Don’t forget to make it your own so it’s applicable to your content, but this is a good guideline to use!

  1. Title Your Videos Well: You already know what your livestream is about, so make sure the audience knows before they even join! Set the tone.
  2. Welcome Viewers & Set the Topic: As soon as you’re live, welcome the audience and tell them EXACTLY what to expect from today’s live stream. Now, you may not have any viewers right away, but remember you’re doing this for the audience AFTER the livestream is over.  You’re doing it for people watching the playback.
  3. Banter: It’s okay to spend a little time welcoming people who are joining live. Calling out their names and talking about something off topic. BUT! Don’t let this take too long. No more than a minute.
  4. The Value: As quickly as you can, start in on your content! Begin providing value almost immediately!
  5. Pause to Talk to the Audience: You provide value, then take a break to get the audience’s feedback. Call out comments that reference what you just talked about. Use people’s names. Take questions.
  6. Remind People Why They’re Watching: Use this phrase “If you’re just joining me, welcome! We’re talking about INSERT TOPIC today. We’ve just talked about INSERT PHRASE, and now let’s talk about INSERT PHRASE.”
  7. The Value: Then get right back into the value!
  8. Rinse and Repeat: Go in a circle throughout your livestream with steps 4-7. Provide value. Break to talk to the audience. Remind newcomers what’s going on. Get back to the value and topic of the day.

Periscope Tips

It’s super easy to get distracted by viewers’ comments, especially on a platform like Periscope. Facebook LIVE keeps all the comments right there so you can scroll through if you missed one or ten. Periscope doesn’t. So there’s a sense that while you’re broadcasting, you must pay attention to every one of them!

Which can severely hurt the value you’re supposed to be providing. 

So what do you do?

Two options:

  1. Ignore Comments: While you’re talking about the content of the day, ignore the comments. That may seem counterintuitive, but otherwise, you’ll never say what you want to say because you’ll be reading comments. It’s a mean reality! Then, when you take that “break” I mention above, go ahead and ask for feedback. Read comments AT THAT POINT. Take questions. Then get back to step 6 and 7.
  2. Get a Moderator: If you have a friend or co-worker who’s willing to play moderator, they can watch the comments and write down important ones while you’re busy providing value. Then when you break, they can call out the comment that came through while you were talking and say who the comment was from.

The bottom line is… Live Streaming is a must these days! You need to be doing it, but more importantly, you need to do it well and follow the right steps!

Your Turn

Do you have suggestions on how to make a livestream more successful and get more viewers?

Do you have questions?

Leave a comment! I’d love to hear from, and learn from, you too!

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