How to do Shallow Depth of Field Shots in LIVE Video

David Foster 01.08.2018 0 comments

You know that look on a video when the background is blurred out but the subject is crystal clear? That’s shallow depth of field and it can do great things for the overall look of your videos. It’s how our eyes work anyway, focusing on one distance at a time, so it pleases our brains when we see it in a video.

In this show I’m going to take you through what you need to do to get shallow depth of field shots in your LIVE videos. Check it out and ask your questions in the comments below. And if you have specific tech subjects you’d like us to tackle in future shows, let us know what they are!

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David Foster

I used to be the CEO of a tech start up, and learned that I don't like the corporate environment. I like helping people brand themselves, and building REAL relationships with their customers. I also really enjoy technology. I also LOVE helping people learn new stuff. Lets go LIVE!

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