How To Choose YouTube Video Keywords

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Do you feel like your videos don’t get seen on YouTube? You’re making great content that you think people would love, but you’re left with the question… how do I get it seen??

If you’re creating valuable content, that’s the first step! Always. Second, keywords. Keywords aren’t the only thing you can do to get your videos in front of more people, but it is a very important part of the equation!

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Rick Yeager asked:

What does it mean to focus on keywords? How do I choose the keywords and what do I do with them?

Where Keywords Matter

When we talk about YouTube Keywords for your videos, you want to make sure they’re consistent in three places on your video:

  1. Video Title
  2. Description
  3. Tags

Let’s explore each of these.

Video Title

Your video needs to have one or two very important keywords, or one keyphrase. Tell your audience exactly what they’re going to get! You have only a second to grab their attention as they’re scrolling past all the options on YouTube, or in Google.

Your title should be catchy, but do NOT try to be clever with your title! It needs to read human. Not like a string of keywords.


The first three lines of your description are really important to both inform your viewer, AND include keywords. What exactly are they watching?


Here’s where you can get a little un-human. 🙂 People don’t see tags. They only play into search results. Choose several, but don’t go insane!

Put your MOST RELEVANT tags at the beginning.

Be Relevant

Do NOT try to “trick” Google, YouTube or viewers into watching your video.

Don’t tag unrelated things. Don’t put popular keywords in your title or description. Here’s what will happen if you try this.

  1. Viewers will get annoyed at you. And they won’t be inclined to ever click one of your videos again. They will remember!
  2. Google will penalize you for it. If enough people click through in a search result, then quickly leave, Google will see you as an irrelevant search result, and will remove you from the search result, or at least push you down further.

It does you no good. So don’t try it.

Two Ways to Find Your Keywords

When you’re struggling to know WHAT your keywords are, you’re going to do two things:

  1. Search on YouTube for relevant keywords
  2. Pay attention to what terms other people are using

Search on YouTube

You already have some idea of what you THINK your keywords are. So put one in the search bar at You’ll get a drop down list of the most searched for phrases.


Click a couple of those and look for the number of search results. You’ll be able to tell what the more popular search terms are by doing this.



Then… look at the most watched videos and study their titles. This will give you an understanding of what people are searching for and what they’re attracted to.

Pay Attention to People’s Words

Get in social groups relevant to your topic and start paying attention to the words people use to describe what they’re interested in. You may find they’re DIFFERENT than you think!

Then… start to use those phrases as your keywords.

One More Thing…

As you gain an understanding of what people are searching for, you need to use those keywords, phrases and topics to create your content. Stop creating only the content YOU are interested in. And start creating the content people are VERY CLEARLY telling you they want!

Your Turn!

How are YOU choosing your keywords? We’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and questions! Leave a comment below!

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