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  • Our moderators are Petra Verbruggen, Amy Bowser-Rollins & Suzan Czajkowski
  • They’re here to help keep things under control and make sure everyone is happy! They’re passionate about the help they offer (that’s why they’re our moderators after all!)!
  • Please remember they are volunteers and have jobs outside of this community, so please be respectful of their time.
  • If you need to talk directly to a Moderator, please first TAG them inside the Private Facebook Group and explain the situation. If they need to reach out to you privately, they will. 
  • Please respect their privacy and DO NOT send them friend requests, or Private Messages on social platforms. Again, they’ll reach out to you privately if needed.

Account Support

Community Members

  • We’re ALL about making friends here through the Community and we love love love to see you connect with people outside of our Community and support each other in various ways!!
  • There is absolutely ZERO tolerance for any member of our community to pitch or sell to someone else unsolicited, either publicly in the Community, or privately through any platform (social, email, etc).
  • If you do this, you will be removed from this Community immediately.
  • If you experience any unsolicited pitching, PLEASE reach out to us immediately and report it! You are not bothering us by bringing this to our attention. Our NUMBER 1 priority is YOU, the Community, and we’ll always viciously protect you!
  • Please be respectful of other people’s communities. If you participate in a fellow student’s LIVE show, we think that’s AWESOME! Be sure to play by THEIR rules at that time! Here are a few guidelines to help you support in the best way possible:
    • Participate, but don’t “over comment” because it throws off the participation stats the host is tracking for their audience.
    • Stay on topic to their brand! For example, don’t add comments about their live video setup unless they talk about it first (some students don’t want their competitors knowing this info).
    • Don’t mention their competitor’s products or services unless they bring it up first.
    • Answer their Question of the Day to provide helpful engagement for their show!

Thanks for making this the BEST Community on the Interwebs!!! 🙂

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