Get past your FEAR and get to the next level of your business!

Luria Petrucci 11.17.2016 0 comments

Fear is something that affects us in one way or another in most parts of our lives. It’s always there, and sometimes it can be a help, stopping us from doing things that are actually physically dangerous. But, lots of times it just becomes that voice in the back of your head saying something like, “Don’t even try that new thing. You’ll only fail.”

Everyone launching a live show, or a business (or both) knows the sound of that voice and how fighting it can be one more barrier to overcome on your way to where you want to be.

Fear and creativity

A book I’ve found incredibly inspiring on the topic of overcoming fear is “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. She directly addresses fear suppressing creativity, and points out that fear and creativity are intertwined. So trying to destroy fear might do some real damage to creativity – thus, not a good idea. The best plan is to make a “friend” of fear, while making sure that fear never makes the decisions. Bring it along for the ride – absolutely! – but NEVER allow it to drive!

The book has a lot of great advice for how creative people can make peace with their fear. I can’t recommend it enough.

Negative commenters

One topic of fear that’s particularly applicable to live video is dealing with negative comments. If you’ve spent any time online at all, you know about the negativity that can be out there. I talked about that in more depth here, but the basics of it is tuning those people out. It’s something that takes some getting used to, but learning to deal with negative commenters is just one more skill you will pick up as you learn the craft of doing online video.

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  1. Hi Luria. This spoke to me on a lot of levels. With over 500 broadcast behind me, you’d think I would have made this transition easier. Thanks so much for putting it out there…

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