Facebook LIVE Features & How To Do More Professional Live Streams!

Luria Petrucci 04.08.2016 0 comments

Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook LIVE brand new features! We also show you how you can get better, more professional live streams with just a couple pieces of gear!

Let’s start with the new Facebook LIVE features!

Facebook LIVE Gets More Features!

With this new update, you get a bunch of new features in Facebook’s Live Streaming. Some you might have right away, some you’ll have to wait for the roll out.

  • Live Streaming in Groups & Events
  • Live Reactions (happy, angry, etc in a Periscope-like animation)
  • Live Filters (Vintage, Spring, etc)
  • Doodle on Screen
  • Discover Live Streams
  • New Metrics for Pages

What Can You Do with These New Live Stream Features?

Okay, great! So there are a bunch of new features. What do they really mean for YOU and your brand?

Live Stream in Groups & Events

You can now go live inside a group or event. We actually tested this out inside a large group that we don’t manage or moderate. It’s both potentially AWESOME and potentially DANGEROUS!

Depending on how your group or event is setup, you might love giving everyone the ability to livestream. Or it may be a moderation nightmare.

If you’re a group owner, and you don’t want people to do live streams freely, you need to go in and update your Group Rules immediately!

Live Reactions

Facebook is taking a note from Periscope’s Hearts where people are able to show how much they love a stream… or a part of the stream. You can now do live reactions where you can say “like, love, sad, wow, etc”.

This is a good thing. It doesn’t look like it’ll get in the way, but more provide a good sense of what your audience is thinking while you stream. This can help you understand what kind of content they really want!

Live Filters

They’ve taken filters, which are so popular on Instagram, and added them to Facebook Live Streams. This is more for fun, than for business. I can’t imagine it really providing a lot of value to your streams… but there might be some good use cases! What do you think? Leave a comment!


This is a feature that will come out in the near future. Another “fun feature”, and it’s unclear how it’ll work. If the broadcaster is the only one who can doodle, perhaps you could use this to show off something on your broadcasts effectively.


LOVE this! It’s where I feel Facebook has fallen flat in comparison to Periscope. So I’m very glad to see them add this feature. You’ll have a Live Map that you can see livestreams that are location based. And you’ll be able to see people who are streaming who you don’t currently follow.

This means… you get a better chance at finding more customers!

New Metrics for Pages

If you’re going live from a Page, you’ll have access to more information, like the number of UNIQUE viewers and a visual representation of the number of viewers.

Go from Amateur to Pro with This Gear

Turn your livestreams into pro streams by adding a phone grip, and a microphone!

Luria’s iPhone Rig

David’s Android Rig

Your Turn

What do you think of the new features? Leave a comment below!

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