Facebook Groups for Relationship Marketing

Luria Petrucci 04.21.2016 0 comments

Build trust and loyalty with your online community using Facebook Groups!

This is Part 5 in our “Nurture Your Community” series. In this series, we’re diving into one way you can nurture your community on each show. When you take care of your community, they turn into customers!

We define “nurture” as communicating with them. Building a relationship with them. Getting to know them. Allowing them to get to know you.

Last week, we discussed Making Online Video to Build Your Brand. In future weeks, we’ll talk about:

  • Social Media
  • Newsletters & Postcards
  • SMS

If you’re curious about another method you’d like discussed, or if you have a suggestion for another episode in the series, leave a comment below! We’ll work it in!

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Why Facebook Groups?

The goal of your online marketing efforts is to build a relationship with your community, who will then ultimately turn into customers. It’s to build that know, like and trust factor! That’s what we refer to as “Relationship Marketing”.

Facebook Groups is a fantastic way to do that as long as you’re committed to using it! People are already ON Facebook. They’re using it. And it can really open you and your personality up to them. And they to you.

Tips for Using Facebook Groups

  • Think about whether you want a Public Group, a Closed or a Private one. Most business should opt for a Closed Group.
  • Set Rules! Be upfront with your rules, and be sure to stick to them!
  • Be consistent! Engage with your audience daily!
  • Get your members to engage! This isn’t a soap box. Ask them questions. Make sure they feel free to post themselves!

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