Facebook Chat Bots and The Future of Marketing

David Foster 09.17.2016 0 comments

Howdy! So, as a marketer I think we are always looking for ways to get past the noise. For so many years, we have been very reliant on email, but our open rates continue to decrease. We are having to educate people on how to move our messages so that they actually see them.

I personally don’t see this getting any better. I see it only getting worse, and so then we are left to continually look for ways to communicate with people.

Now, you can do SMS, but messages are so short, and 99% of the services out there are really expensive, and you can’t send images or fun gifs, and just make it more personal. Plus you are really limited by how many characters you can have, and lets face it…we have more to say than those allow, AND you don’t want to send too many in a row because some people have limited text messages on their plans.

Well, I found a new way that we can cut through…using a NEW medium that I feel is the marketing channel of the future, and right now the number of people who even understand HOW to do it is SO low, that there is virtually ZERO competition.

What is it you ask? Facebook Messenger Bots!

My friend Mari Smith, who you may have heard of, recently talked about it based on an article on Social Media Today.

By creating a chat bot with automated answers, you can save time and provide more prompt and efficient service. Of course, you’ll always need human interaction to augment the bots! ~Mari Smith

Facebook Messenger chat bots – how they work and what you need to know. Just think of all the commonly asked questions…

Posted by Mari Smith on Thursday, April 28, 2016

Want to test ours out? CLICK HERE to go do that now. Try using words like “blog” or “live streaming” and see what happens! 🙂

So, what do you think? Do you think it’s the marketing platform of the future?

Contact me if you’d like to get one built for YOUR company or project. Just send me a message via our Geeks University page and use the keyword Chat Bot. 🙂

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