It’s time to DIG DEEPER and get truly vulnerable with your audience (without oversharing) to generate true connection with your brand!


Get guidance from creators to help manage roadblocks, challenges, and daily habits!

90 day growth Transformation

Walk through your action plan step-by-step, week by week for 90 days! 


Get tech & strategy support with your included Streamer Accelerator membership!

discover your potential

Transform your life to be a creator through healthy habit building and ongoing support!


You want to step up and make a significant change or impact… but, when it gets down to the nitty-gritty, it’s too intimidating!

Don’t let THIS be THAT. It’s time to do things differently!

It's time to step up and make it happen.

There’s a clear gap between where you are now and where you’re trying to go.

You can probably feel that gap right in front of you!

It isn’t time, or patience, or a magical answer that’ll appear JUST at the right moment…


That gap is a decision:

Are you in or are you out? 

YOU get to decide.


In these 90 days, you will team up with fellow content creators, business owners, and brand ambassadors, alongside coaches whose mission it is to help ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS! You will have easy access to 24/7 tech and strategy guidance that will help GROW your audience and revenue – so long as you remain true to YOU!


Make your action plan a reality

DUring this 90 day transformation, you will...

  • See faster results because of your focused effort
  • Transform your vision into reality
  • Feel confident in the plan you’ve set for yourself
  • Get the guidance you need, when you need it
  • Be part of an exclusive creator community to guide you in tech & strategy
  • ACTUALLY do what you said you were going to do!


WHAT do you want to do?

WHERE do you want to go?

WHAT do you want to do?

WHO do you want to be?

This 90 day Video Sprint is HOW you're going to get there!

This is for you if you...

don't sign up if you...

Frequently Asked Questions

This program will help you make your vision a reality!


Creating a vision and an action plan for where you want to go is just the beginning. The more difficult step is making it happen.


This 90-day sprint is designed to speed up your journey from where you are to where you want to go because you will:

  • Map and follow your plan
  • Keep taking acton, week after week
  • Check in with your progress and made conscious adjustments to keep you moving forward
  • Provide you with much-needed tech and strategic support from like-minded video creators who have similar goals.

The 90-day Video Sprint begins on January 31, 2022, and it ends on April 29, 2022.

During the 90-days Video Sprint program, you will:

  • Take action alongside your small sprint group
  • Check in weekly with your sprint group and leader to report progress and set your next action steps
  • Stay connected with other sprinters through a private online community
  • Get tech and strategic support through your 90-day membership with the Streamer Accelerator community

In addition to the time you’ll be putting into your action plan, you’ll meet with your sprint group every week for about an hour. This will be key strategic time during which you will assess your progress, address challenges, and establish your next steps. You’ll also have the ability to communicate with other sprinters through a private online community.

After you register, you’ll be asked to identify the best times for you to meet on a weekly basis. Please choose a time that you know will work best for you every single week.

Your group leader will be determined by your meeting time. Our amazing facilitators have committed to meeting with your small group at the exact same time every week so that they can be available to help you make continuous progress.

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