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Facebook Ads Strategy

Facebook Ad Expert, Salome Schillack, will help you use Ads to grow your business without making it overly complicated!

She's recommended by Amy Porterfield and is taking the Ad world by storm!

In this interview you'll discover:

  • A complete, step-by-step strategy for your Facebook Ads
  • How to focus on getting ENGAGEMENT
  • How to turn engagement into CONVERSIONS
  • Whether you're new to Ads or looking for bigger results! 

Scaling Your Business + Working with Remote Teams

Kristen Arnold is the COO for Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula). She's been instrumental in growing the business from $2 million to $10 million. She manages 27 people, and trains clients to have their own multi-figure launches.

In this interview you’ll discover:

  • What the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make with scaling their business
  • How to avoid “going it alone”
  • The Different Levels of Outsourcing and how to approach it
  • How to Delegate & Communicate with your team

Grab ATTENTION on Video with Your Personality!

Barry Friedman from Showbiz Blueprint teaches entertainers how to turn their talent into a business.

He's a world class, 6 time TED talkin' juggler and a top expert in his field! 

In this interview you’ll discover:

  • 10 tips for making your personality come alive on camera!
  • How to grab attention QUICKLY
  • How to STOP being just a talking head
  • How to use PROPS and visual aids (without feeling goofy) 

Mindset Shifts for Success

All the action in the world won't help you grow your business if your mindset isn't on board with your dreams!

Dana Wilde is an expert at training brains and in just ONE session, you'll have a mindset shift that'll change the way you think forever!

In this interview you’ll discover:

  • How to use your brain strategically to get what YOU WANT (not what your brain wants)
  • Dealing with second guessing ourselves
  • Dealing with negative relationships that pull us out of our motivation to succeed
  • The MOST IMPORTANT thing when it comes to success!

Creating Massively Loyal & Engaged Fans

Lou Mongello has been doing community the right way for YEARS with his Walt Disney World Radio (WDW) Podcast. He has great tips & techniques to share!

In this interview you’ll discover:

  • Tips for getting engagement ​
  • How to build long term loyalty
  • Bringing your audience along for your journeys
  • How to create content for your audience that makes them want to buy your products and/or services

Streamline the "Money Stuff" & Stop Drowning!

Andi Smiles makes finances fun! Or at least as fun as they can be! 

She'll help you streamline your finances so you don't wind up procrastinating to the point of no return!

*Being shot and released soon! Questions for Andi? Email us!

Transitioning & Positioning

Transitions happen in business all the time, and if you haven't encountered one... you will! :)

The only question is how to position yourself, and how to work THROUGH the transition! Kay Fabella will help you understand how.

In this interview you’ll discover:

  • The most important thing to do when transitioning or pivoting
  • The biggest mistakes that people make when in transition
  • 4 Steps to Pivoting with Purpose and defining your new position
  • How to shift your AUDIENCE while pivoting

Pinterest for
Revenue & Traffic

Pinterest?!?! Yep. Pinterest! 

Jeff Sieh blew my mind recently with just how powerful Pinterest can be as a tool in your business. We'll dive into how and why and what to do!

*Being shot and released soon! Questions for Andi? Email us!

A Membership Site that VIEWERS LOVE and doesn't make YOU CRAZY!

Mike Morrison from The Membership Guys is an incredibly smart and very experienced guy at building a sustainable membership that's an asset to your business rather than a drain on your energy and time!

In this interview you’ll discover:

  • Facebook’s upcoming Membership Model
  • How to Structure your Membership for incredible valuable and doesn’t cause you stress every month
  • Tips for a great onboarding process that creates loyalty and keeps them interested
  • Whether to keep your membership open year round (evergreen model), or close it down and only open it yearly or quarterly (launch model)

Kathleen Sinnott ~

The Expert Training interviews provided an incredible opportunity to learn strategy, techniques, and other overall gems of brilliance from experts on a variety of specialties! And ones that I probably not have been able to find or access any other way. 

Now, with this better understanding of the hows and whys, I have a much clearer view of my next steps!


9 Video Training Series

I got clarity and inspiration for my own business!

~ Jahbari McLennan, Motivational Speaker

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9 Video Training Series

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