What has 16 years of shows taught Dr. Kiki?

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Dr. Kiki Sanford is well known among science aficionados on the web. She’s been doing shows for 16 years! Wow! Her main show now is “This Week in Science” (or TWiS), tackling each week’s science news. She’s built it around the community of the live audience, with a high focus on engagement.

A bunch of friends talking about something they love

Kiki stresses relating to people on a friendly level, like a bunch of friends all relaxing together and just talking about science because it’s what they love. She brings in personal details, talking about her family, and her co-hosts, Justin and Blair, talk about their jobs, selling cars and working at a zoo.

Different venues for different viewers

The initial show goes live on YouTube, simulcast on the TWiS website and Facebook. Different audiences watch the show in different places. Some watch the show live, others find it more convenient to watch the recording.

Just like us here at Live Streaming Pros, the TWiS hosts use several chatrooms at once while they are live. She’s had the same experience we have, of audience members becoming an integral part of the live show, even letting the hosts know when someone has said something in one of the three chats. Then they can respond, and don’t have to watch every room super-closely at the same time.

She looks to Patreon to help fund her show rather than seeking advertisers. She uses Facebook not just for delivery of the live show, but for connecting with her audience with a weekly post-show where everyone just hangs out and chats.

Getting help from viewers

She also mentioned something that is SO important: feeling ok about asking your audience for help. It seems weird, because we feel like it’s our show and we should be doing it ALL. But your audience is there because they love the show. Let them get involved in whatever ways make sense. It will make your weekly workload easier and your audience will love being involved in production aspects of the show. Not everyone will want to, but some will and those people can make a HUGE difference. On that subject, Kiki recommends “The Art of Asking” to help people get comfortable with asking for help.

Kiki’s message over and over was the power of involving your audience. It’s not just a one way megaphone. Doing a show is a conversation, and building a bond with your audience can help you in ways you aren’t even considering!

You can catch up with Dr. Kiki’s “This Week in Science” here, and her media company, Broader Impacts Productions, here.

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