Don’t Let Tech Troubles Stop You from Going LIVE #NoExcuses

Luria Petrucci 01.12.2018 0 comments

One of the biggest things that I see getting between people and where they want to be is the excuses they make. I get that, it’s a very human thing. And tech can be really complex so it’s natural to say, “I’ll go LIVE… as soon as I can fix this one tech problem.” Don’t do it! Don’t let tech (or anything else) be the excuse that stops you from going LIVE! #NoExcuses

The new year is a great time to change some of the things you’re doing that might be getting in your way! If you’ve never done it before, or only done it a couple of times, going LIVE can be a HUGE thing, and a big mental hurdle. But that’s the key – realizing that the hurdles are mental ones – and that puts you one step closer to overcoming them. Things will never be perfect, you’ll ALWAYS have tech issues that are keeping your show from matching the picture in your head, but you can’t let those things stop you from doing your LIVE show!

Check out the video for my advice on removing tech issues as excuses and getting on with LIVE video!

What’s YOUR single biggest issue or frustration that’s getting in the way of your LIVE video? Tell me in the comments and let’s figure out how we can fix that.

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