Does LIVE video freak you out?

Luria Petrucci 01.16.2018 0 comments

If you’ve done recorded videos in the past, and are now making the move to do more LIVE, you may be freaking out a bit at the change. You’ll be mostly moving off a script and may not feel as prepared as you do in a recorded video. It’s less about getting every word right, and more about getting comfortable with off-the-cuff conversations.

Here are my top four tips for going off-script with LIVE:

Bullet Points

You don’t want a full script because that won’t seem natural (at all) when you’re doing the back and forth of LIVE. BUT, you can absolutely keep a list of bullet points in front of you to work from. They will help you remember all the things you wanted to touch on so you don’t leave out anything important!

Show Flow

Show Flow is something that I teach to all of our students. It’s a structure for your show that makes sure you hit all the important things, like introducing yourself and asking for engagement. It’s a blueprint that helps your show move along better.

Separate Comments from Main Content

Don’t look at comments while you’re delivering your main value content. That may seem to run counter to the conversation of LIVE, but it’s about making sure you don’t get side-tracked. Whatever the main point is for each of your shows, make sure you run through that without wandering down side paths answering questions. Answer questions before your main value, answer questions after – NOT in the middle!


It’s so important to connect yourself to a community that will help you through the uncomfortable parts of going LIVE. Our community here at Live Streaming Pros is AMAZING, and they can give you that all-important support!

What do you find valuable in moving off-script for LIVE video? Share your tips in the comments!

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