Do this 1 thing before increasing LIVE viewers!

Luria Petrucci 10.23.2017 0 comments

There is a cure for the lack of live viewers, but… have you done the one thing that will make the cure work for you?

Viewership numbers are on everyone’s mind. Everyone wants that number to be higher. We all want to reach a bigger audience. But are you looking at the right number as a goal? Most people aren’t!

I want to tell you a story I heard that really illustrates what I’m talking about. A woman was in the audience at a conference, and the man on stage was talking about how to sell from the stage. Like selling a book from a table at the back of the venue. He said that speakers should be aiming to get 80% of the audience back to that table to buy the book (or whatever) at the end of the talk. The woman heard that and said, “Okay – that’s my goal.” And she started focusing on making that 80% happen for her. And she worked hard, and after a year of effort, she finally hit that 80% conversion mark! Awesome! So the next time she saw this man, she went up to him and thanked him for guiding her to that goal, and that she had finally hit 80%. And his jaw dropped and he said, “WHAT? I said 8%!”

I love that story.

I had my own version of this happen to me, so I’ve seen the truth in it.

People doing LIVE shows want to know what a good target number is that they should be shooting for. But the thing is… someone else can’t tell you the number you should be working toward.

You need to be COMPETING AGAINST YOURSELF! Not against someone else’s numbers. Your numbers are the only ones that should matter to you.

It’s common to be frustrated about your viewing numbers, but feeling bad about not having the huge numbers of viewers others might is not going to help you get there. Stop comparing yourself to other people!

Let’s talk about the “10-Second Views” stat on Facebook. What do you think that means? When I asked this during the show, most people thought that it was maybe just a quick scroll-by, and that was all. Nothing much to even notice. BUT, Facebook defines it as views of 10 seconds OR LONGER! They might have watched your entire stream, and they’ll show up as a 10-second view!

Does that change how you feel about 10-second views?

I pay close attention to my peak number of viewers and my total views number for each show. I want to see the gap between the peak and the total get smaller. That means they’re sticking around longer, and it’s a much better way to figure that important progress indicator than to look at average view length.

But most importantly, I want you to get used to looking at your own numbers and judging improvement by comparing your numbers now, to numbers you got in the past. What were today’s numbers against the numbers from three months ago? That’s what you need to be judging, not your progress against someone else’s number!

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