Critique a Week: The Keto Queen

Luria Petrucci 11.01.2016 0 comments

Amy L. Vishwanatha is a member of our Live Streaming Pros family and she’s doing a show called “Keto Queen”. She asked us to take a look at what she’s doing and share our thoughts.

Just Do It!

Amy’s just starting out with this and we looked at her first video, which was a great first step. Most importantly, she followed our advice of, “Just do it!” Her friendly and open personality came out and we are left wanting to see more from her.

It looks like she shot the video in a hotel room, but she didn’t let that stop her. I can’t count the number of shows I’ve shot when I’m traveling. You just have to work with what you’ve got and not put off making a video because you’re not at home on your perfect set.

Watch out for windows

Beware of bright lights behind you. When you’re in a set not of your own devising (like a hotel room) you might need to move some of the furniture around so you have a good place to sit without having a bright light source behind you. A bright window behind you can throw you into shadow, or at minimum, distract from your face. Better to move your chair around, getting the light out from behind, and casting on your face where it will help you out.

Using “YOU” language

For titles, always keep in mind that you need to offer value for the audience. Your title should tell people why THEY should watch your video. Make the phrasing about them rather than you, and you’ll get more attention.

Explain your terms

Explain new terms and concepts. Keto is short for the ketogenic diet. But a lot of people may not know that. So let them in on what the term means before you get to deep into your video. Always try to come at your material from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know the terms and make sure you’re explaining as you go along.

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  1. Thank you so much. Wish I had been able to watch live but time differences in India made me miss it. I will apply all the suggestions. Hoping to do a video here in India. Thanks again. I really appreciate the critique.

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