Critique-a-Week: CruiseWeek.TV

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Once a week we take a look at a viewer’s show and offer our advice for tweaks they may want to make. This week, we’re looking at Cruise Week, whose first show got 20,000 viewers – pretty amazing! What can they do to improve from there? Let’s find out!

Cruise Week is all about cruises and what it’s like to go on cruises. They have interviews with people from the cruise industry and provide a ton of great information. They did a lot of of stuff really well, both in the show, and in preparation for the show.

Great set – except for that green screen

They used our workshop for building a set for under $200, and the result looks great. There’s a lot of personality. If we were to make one suggestion, it would to be to not use the green screen behind the host. Green screen is so tricky to get right, and in this case, we get a green outline on the host’s head as he moves back and forth in front of it. For most people green screens will just introduce more problems than they’re worth.

Don’t make nervousness a huge thing

Matt, the host came across really well. He was nervous, and said that a lot. There’s no problem mentioning it once at the beginning, but if you keep mentioning it, your nervousness becomes much more a part of the show than you want it to be. It doesn’t come across as much as you think it does. As you do this more and more, the nervousness will fade. But it will probably never go away entirely. Just ignore it as much as you can. Fake it until you make it! 🙂

Facebook Profiles vs. Pages

We’ve talked about this one a few times. It’s very tempting to use a personal Profile, because it’s likely you’ve got more people there already than on a new Page. So you want to talk to the largest audience possible. But remember, there are a lot of things you can do on a Page that just aren’t possible on a Profile. One being conducting a business! And if you are thinking about moving from your Profile to your Page at some point, know that you will LOSE a large percentage of viewers in a transition. It may be better to lose that percentage from a small number up front than a big number you’ve worked to build up.

Charles and Matt are doing a lot of things right, and that’s helping them get great numbers right out of the gate. We’re looking forward to seeing where they go from here!

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  1. Love the idea behind this, just wish you used a different platform. I have tried four times to watch this and every time it plays a little then freezes. I would continue watching if you moved to say YouTube but this Live Streaming Pros site is horrible.

    • Hey, thanks for the feedback, but we don’t want to use YouTube because we cannot protect our brand, and this is our content. We don’t mind sharing it also on YouTube, but at the end of the day, we don’t want to host it on our site because if they ever decide to make a change, we would have to replace all our videos. We have learned that lesson the hard way. Also, can you let me know what browser you’re using? And what machine? PC or Mac? Just curious. If you’re not using Chrome, try that and see what happens.

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