Creative Ideas for using Personalized Videos in your Business and LIVE videos!

Luria Petrucci 10.02.2017 0 comments

In previous shows, I talked about using automation to increase personal contact (sounds crazy, but it can really do that!) and using Bonjoro to do that by sending personalized videos to every customer. This time, we’re going to look at some specific ideas for what those contacts and videos might be like to help you get rolling. People are loving getting these videos and I am so excited to share the ways I’m using them with you!

Customer Onboarding

Anytime someone buys a product from us, like a workshop, they get a Bonjoro video greeting in their email. The email tells them all the stuff they need to know to take advantage of the workshop, but then they also get a second email with a video from me where I address them by name and talk about what they can do with what they’ll learn.

Interview Requests

Community member Amy Sehy came up with the AWESOME idea of using personalized videos to do interview requests. Just make a video for the person you’re approaching for an interview and send it off to them. Much more likely to grab their attention than an email. I love it!

Potential Sponsors

Nick, another community member, had the idea of using videos to reach out to potential sponsors. Again, that’s sure to grab attention!

Anniversaries and Birthdays

If you have a membership program, personalized videos are a great way to make note of a birthday or an anniversary of someone joining. That might be the personal touch they need to resubscribe.

Completion of a Course or Workshop

When someone finishes all the steps of a training program, that’s a great time to congratulate them with a video. Mark the occasion in a way they’ll remember!

Team Announcements

If you have a group of people you work with who are distributed around the country or around the world, videos can be a great way of getting the same info out to everyone at the same time.

That’s just a few ideas – I have a bunch more in the show, so be sure to check it out. And after you do, I’ll bet you’ll have some ideas I didn’t touch on. I’d love it if you’d share those with me in the comments below!

NOTE: I’m an affiliate with Bonjoro and Active Campaign, and please know that I LOVE these services! I don’t promote anything I don’t truly believe in and I’m sharing because I know they can make a difference in your business! They certainly have made a difference in mine!

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