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Create videos with confidence

Using the 3 keys to unlock viewers into leads

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Video is my jam!

I’m Luria Petrucci, and I’ve had over 18 years of experience in video creation. I’ve appeared on major networks and collaborations with top brands such as ABC, BBC, Samsung, Panasonic and many others, I’ve dedicated myself to empowering entrepreneurs to leverage video and take their business to the next level. I’ve designed and built studios for industry leaders like Amy Porterfield, Ryan Levesque, Stu McLaren, Michael Hyatt, and shared stages with luminaries such as Tom Green, Penn Jillette, and others. 


My mission is to simplify professional video creation for busy entrepreneurs like you, so that you can…

Create Authentically & Live Boldly!

Who's this For?

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality because of technical barriers. Your inner perfectionist deserves to be proud of the videos you create, whether they’re free YouTube videos or paid course videos! Video is the ultimate tool to build authentic connections that generate loyal leads, and grow your brand – don’t settle for less!

And YES! This training is completely free!

My Clients

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield

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Michael Hyatt

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Pat Flynn

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stu mclaren

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Sean Cannell

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Derral Eves

Donald Miller

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Ryan Levesque

Benji Travis

Benji Travis

Kayse Morris

Why am I giving away this training for free?

I’m frustrated by the misconception that creating kick-ass videos requires tech expertise, or a team of experts. After almost 20 years of teaching video creation and building studios for entrepreneurs, I’ve encountered the same common issues repeatedly, hindering clients from tackling bigger and bolder video projects. In this training, my aim is to equip you with a simple and professional setup, empowering you to confidently elevate your videos to the next level without getting bogged down by the basics. My hope is that after this training, you’ll not only feel confident with video creation, but also become a happy client of mine in the future, where we’ll work together to take your videos to even bigger and bolder heights within your business!

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