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How to Setup Your Countdown Timer

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In this tutorial, I mention a PDF – this page you’re on is what I’m referring to!

In this tutorial, I mention installing VLC Player if you want to play a Music List inside of your OBS scene.

Download VLC Player

copyright free Music

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If you want to play music in your live streams or recorded videos, you MUST have royalty free music, or your video will get taken down by YouTube & Facebook (watch a video on this topic here)Epidemic Sound has an amazing collection of songs in every genre you might want! 

ecamm - live streaming software for mac

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Ecamm on a Mac allows you to create more professional LIVE Streams! Add graphics, share your screen, play videos in a stream, show viewer comments and lots more! Access our Ecamm training here.

vmix - live streaming software for pc

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vMix on a PC is an incredibly powerful software that lets you run a TV show as a one person show!