Copyrighted Music on Facebook?

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Can you use copyrighted music on Facebook?

This question originally came from Robbie Snooks. He asked:

Does facebook have any issues with using copyright music? The reason I’m asking is because when I’m streaming an event with youtube and if youtube hears even ambient copyright music coming from in-house speakers we often get cut off. It can be really annoying and frustrating.

Yes! Yes it can be, Robbie.

Using Copyrighted Music on Facebook

Can you use copyrighted music on Facebook videos or live videos (or on YouTube)?

1) What you CAN do and CAN NOT do when it comes to copyrighted music in your videos and live videos.

2) Music library Service recommendations.
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3) Common questions I get about copyrighted music and issues you still might face!

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Taylor Bertrim
Taylor Bertrim

I pay for google play every month, why can’t i listen to music while i game and stream, I’m not trying to make money nor am I trying to use them to get anything extra. I just want to listen to music while gaming.

David Foster

It’s honestly not Googles fault. It’s the greedy record labels. They are afraid they will not get $1. But if you’re streaming on any platform, you will want to look at getting some royalty free music, as that is the only way to 100% protect yourself from getting your streams taken down. But yeah, I am with you…it SUCKS!