Personalized Strategy Advice

You’re doing LIVE video (or want to start), but you need a push in the right direction because something’s not clicking. That’s what I’m here for!

Do you need to know How To…

  • Integrate LIVE video into your other content & marketing strategies
  • Sell on LIVE video
  • Use your existing PODCAST with LIVE
  • Get more engagement in your LIVE Videos
  • Move the needle and GET RESULTS!

Strategy Sessions

These 1 hour Strategy Sessions are designed to help you get results quickly and move forward without a lot of time or financial investment.

In this session, we’ll tackle your biggest issues and I’ll give you actionable advice. You’ll leave knowing exactly what to do. Then all that’s left is… to go do it!! 🙂


1 hour session

STOP spinning in circles and START making LIVE Video work for your business!

Book My Strategy Session!

Luria thank you guys so much! Thanks to you, I’ve tripled the the amount of viewers I’m getting regularly. I’m getting better, more qualified leads, and I’m growing my YouTube channel everyday. Can’t thank you guys enough!

AJ Rivera
Fitness Business Mentor

With Luria’s advice, I had the highest simultaneous viewers I’ve ever had! Tons and tons of interaction! Loads of comments and it felt like being at a party instead of doing a Facebook LIVE! But best of all – I felt soooooooo organized, calm and in control! With Luria’s Show Flow advice, I ALWAYS knew what was coming up. This kept me peaceful and I was able to interact more with my viewers without worrying that I might forget what I would have to do next. I could laugh more and smile more and it was SOOOOOOO much fun! Thanks Luria!

Jenny Richards

With 2 hours of Luria’s coaching, I saw MASSIVE engagement and growth! My second ever LIVE stream ended with 1200 views. Not even 24 hours later, I had 7,000 views, 139 comments and 71 shares! Luria is such a GREAT TEACHER! Her structure gave me exactly what I needed!

Sally Haughey

Six months ago, I knew nothing about live streaming. Then I discovered Live Streaming Pros. Their Masterclass and consulting services taught me everything I needed to know to run a successful live conference. Using all the tools and techniques they showed me, I was able to generate more income with my first one-week conference than I earn in a year at my regular job. The event was a hit all the way around, and I couldn’t have done it without Luria and David. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Joe Colantonio

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