How a small audience can help you win BIG with Cliff Ravenscraft

Luria Petrucci 06.13.2016 0 comments


Cliff Ravenscraft is known as The Podcast Answer Man. He’s built a brand on helping you get started with your audio podcast. But what happens when you want to grow past your brand? Or into another area of expertise? How do you BECOME a brand in a particular topic? How do you deal with people telling you you’re going in the wrong direction? When should you listen? How do you get more people to engage with you? Why it doesn’t matter how many people you have in your audience. How 80% of his income comes from only 11 people. And what all this means for YOU! I think my favorite line from this episode is… Always end your response to a viewer with a question mark instead of a period.

Luria Petrucci

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