Getting a 20% conversion rate out of a single LIVE stream, with Chris Ducker

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Does a 20% conversion rate sound good to you? Chris Ducker of Youpreneur launched a product ONLY on LIVE and achieved exactly that! It’s just one cool story out of a bunch of great stuff he shared with us in this jam-packed interview!

Listen to the audio version:

Building a relationship with the audience

Chris has been online, growing his audience since 2010. When Periscope hit the scene, he jumped on board and found that it tremendously broadened his reach. He uses it just to connect with his audience, bonding with them and building those relationships that are so important to a business.

He recognized that his audience was seeing his show as a show. Like one on TV. So he stuck to a very regular schedule, five days a week, so people could know when and where to find him. After a few months he found it necessary to take a break from that schedule, but he still sees the boost that it gave him.

Make your business about P2P

You’ve heard of B2B (business to business), and B2C (business to consumer)? Well, Chris wants us to think about P2P – which stands for People to People! I love that! Chris says that the “Know, Like, and Trust” factor we all work toward with customers is gone now, replaced by “Know, LOVE, and Trust.” You have to be somebody’s favorite! And LIVE is where you can help people see you as a real person, and a real person they love!

He stresses asking questions of your audience. That helps you gain information. It helps you understand the people you are talking to and guides you to provide the things they really need and want. That’s why I ask a question of the day – it engages people, and gets us talking to each other rather than me just talking at them.

LIVE = Huge conversion rate

So, about that 20% conversion I mentioned before. Chris was launching a new product, and he decided to share it with his Periscope audience a week before the rest of the planned launch. He showed off the new Youpreneur Academy on a LIVE stream and after previewing, he gave out a secret URL just for the people watching his stream, with a $100 discount. Out of around 500 people watching, he got 128 signups by the end of his 45-minute stream. That kind of conversion just blows me away!

That number was the result of building a relationship with his audience, creating the sort of training and support service he had learned they needed, then showing it to them in just the right way.

You can check out for more amazing stuff from Chris! What was your favorite takeaway from our talk with him? Let me know in the comments!

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