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Let’s talk about your core ! The core of your business is vital! Have you ever felt like you get distracted by all the shiny, cool new stuff like new social media sites and different ways to get your content out there??

It’s easy to do! I don’t blame you!

During our live Q&A on Facebook that we do every Thursday, there was discussion about using Facebook to distribute content and using the website as a secondary method. We are going to dive into that!

Today’s Answer

The core of your business’ online presence has to be your website. Period!

You just don’t want to depend on a 3rd party platform at the end of the day to hold all your great content, because they can make a change in an instant and you could lose access to everything you have written. Every image you have created. All your “fans” and so much more.

Now, chances are Facebook is not going out of business any time soon, but if you want to do this long term, they could become old news one day. It happened to MySpace. I had built a business on that platform as well, and was doing well designing custom MySpace pages, and then one day BOOM it just ended as quickly as it began.

You just don’t want to leave yourself open to that. So you need to have a website. Preferably a WordPress site. And I mean a SELF HOSTED site…not or, but one where you have complete control over all aspects.

And it’s getting so much easier now than it used to be to get a site up and running…so there should be no excuses. I am actually working on a course to teach how to do this step by step to make it even easier, but that is a couple months out.

Once you have your site, then is when you want to start setting up your social sites, and I HIGHLY recommend you start with 1 or 2 at a time. Don’t try to be on all of them at once, or you are going to feel the burn of overwhelm! Trust me. I tried it, and it is NOT fun nor easy.

The largest % of businesses I talk to, I recommend they start on Facebook. If they are photographers or wedding planners, I suggest Instagram or Pinterest. You just have to look at your demographic, and go where they are. If you are not yet sure WHO your demographic is, well then you have some homework! FIND IT! 🙂 Otherwise, you are just going to be spinning your wheels.

Once you have all of that in place, then it’s time to just start pumping out GOOD content. Articles or videos that are aimed at your demographic. And whatever schedule you pick, whether that is once per week…month…day…whatever, you NEED to be consistent!!

Trust is built with consistency. ~Lincoln Chafee

Once you start doing that, and sharing it on your social network of choice, start boosting it with some ads…and you don’t have to spend a ton to do this…and you’ll start seeing some results.

Now, don’t get discouraged, but it can take 6 months to a year of consistent content before you ever see a return. That is why the people who commit make it, when most quit because they don’t see a return fast enough. In this fast food world, people want results NOW.

Make a goal. If you are just starting your business or your website…PROMISE yourself right here and now that you will give yourself at LEAST 6 months of consistency. You deserve at least that ! If after 6 months, you’re not seeing the results you were expecting, reevaluate, but DON’T reevaluate in 2 weeks! Or a month. Because you will ultimately fail.

I have been doing this online stuff since 1996. I have failed WAY more than I have succeeded, but I stay the course, because it is what I am passionate about. It’s like a seesaw…I know that EVERY time I go down, I will eventually go back up. And as long as you never quit, then you never actually fail.

Failing is quitting. Period. So, if you fear failure, then just don’t quit and you’ll never have to face it. Sure, you may have it breathing down your neck…and one of your business ideas may not work, but start the next one. I KNOW you can do it!

Ok, so this is from 2009…but I am going to let you download it so you can see what I was teaching people back then. It is still relevant today. Most of the services I mentioned are long gone. Just so you understand, I sold this for $39.99 and sold almost 1,000 copies. I sold 750 in 3 days. It is pretty much what launched my new found career of helping people. 🙂

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT (Do not try to use any of the services I mention!! LOL)

Ok, so in the comments below…let me hear your commitment to yourself for at LEAST 6 months!! Come on now!! GO! Come on , I am talking to YOU!!!


Here are some of our recommended resources to get your website up and running.


We use SiteGround, and they have been amazing. They also have one click WordPress Installs that will make it easy to get your site up and online ASAP.

Web Hosting


These are 2 of the best plugins I have found for social promotion. They just work!

This plugin was designed by some friends of mine, and it looks and functions great! If you look on this post…the share buttons you see…that is this plugin. Click the image below to get it.


This is the app we use to share all of our posts out on social. I have never found a plugin that works like this one does, and you can look at your calendar and see all of your posts and scheduled social posts at a glance. CLICK HERE to watch a video I did on it. CLICK HERE to get it.

This is yet another of my favorite plugins. This thing lets you create custom landing pages (much like LeadPages etc) that look amazing for MUCH less than most others I have seen. CLICK HERE to check them out now. You will be blown away by what all you can do with it.


I have tried many different themes over the years. Some I love, and some I hated. The theme we are using on this site is called SOCIALIZE, however for most people I recommend a theme called X. Simply CLICK HERE and once on the site, type X in the search bar, and it will be the first theme that comes up.

Feel free to browse themes that match the idea you have in mind for your brand, but some things to look for when doing so on ThemeForest…see their support tab, and see how responsive the developers are. Are they responding to comments in a timely manner? What are other people saying about it? Do they have a community around the theme?

Just do your due diligence when looking for anything to add to your site. Make sure they have support. Make sure they update plugins and themes often. If you stick to this, you will save THOUSANDS of dollars. I learned all this the hard way…buying a bunch of crap. 🙂 Don’t make the same mistake.

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