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BRAND NEW Rodecaster Pro II — Game Changer???

It’s the brand new Rodecaster Pro II.

It was just announced.

Now this thing wasn’t meant to just be another Rodecaster.

And I will admit when I first heard that they were coming out with a second version, I was kind of like meh.

But as soon as I heard all that it does, I kind of changed my tune and I got really excited.

In this video, I’m just going to do a quick and dirty run through of the highlights and really what matters to you.

This is not a full review yet.

The firmware was not ready at the time of the shooting.

However, I will follow up with a live stream.

I’ll follow up with a full review of comparison the pros and cons all the nitty gritty.

There are four primary categories of changes between the first version and the second version.

That’s the physical, the functionality, the connectivity and the audio quality.

Now, assuming it works like I think it’s going to, again, I have to test it.

But I think for the first time I will actually fully utilize the functionality of the Rodecaster Pro at its top level. Fullest. All in.

Let’s talk about the physical.

It is smaller than the original Rodecaster Pro.

And as soon as I saw how small it was, I was like, yes!

They also optimized and kind of cleaned up the look and feel of the device.

The record button is a much smaller, which I really like.

The buttons are more organized, I think.

And what I’ve seen so far, the performance of the touch screen and haptic feedback is actually better.

And look at this, you can actually mount it to an arm or a stand and get it off of your desk.

I fully plan to do that.

Now let’s dive into the functionality.

There’s a lot to talk about here.

These sound pads are no longer called sound pads, they’re smart pads because they do a whole lot more.

Again, assuming it’s going to perform like

I think it’s going to, this finally might compete with the Go XLR.

You’ve got sound effects, of course, but you also have voice changing, you have reverb, you have fade in and out, you have sensor bleeps.

Plus, I told you this was going to be quick and dirty.

So I’m reading from my notes.

You’ve got robot voice, megaphone, echo, voice disguise.

You even have back channel communication between you and your guests.

And with midi triggers, you should even be able to do things like camera switches.

Don’t get rid of your Stream Deck just yet.

And in terms of functionality, these faders now do a whole lot more.

They’re not just for your microphones.

You can assign any input to these faders.

So you could have mic one, mic two, phone, whatever you have connected, computer.

And if you do different shows with different settings, you can save different shows.

I don’t know how fully functional that is.

So we’ll see.

We’re getting to audio quality here in a second.

But first, connectivity.

With this device, you have more and better connection options.

They use USB-C for the power, which is one of the reasons they were able to make it more compact.

With the USB connections, you can connect to computers to this device simultaneously.

So you have different audio coming in and out, going to each different computer, mix minus, the whole ordeal.

And honestly, this is where it gets me really excited because if it works like I think it should, It should fully function as a whole audio production piece of gear that does all of the things.

You can bring in a phone have that mixed minus.

So you could do audio call in shows.

I know a lot of you want to do that kind of thing.

And I heard from a little birdie that with a future update, they might even be able to do USB mics coming in to this.

You could set it for the fader.

You could control a USB mic.

It doesn’t have to be XLR future update. Oh, my gosh.

Come on, bring it.

You, of course, have Bluetooth just like you did before.

But now you can connect multiple Bluetooth devices and swap back and forth between them rather than having to set them up each and every time you want to swap a Bluetooth device.

And since it has integrated WiFi and Ethernet, they can now push firmware updates as often as they want, which means they’ll be able to make this thing better and better and better over time very easily.

And that means it’s future proof.

Now audio quality.

So this uses Revolution Preamps and it is the quietest preamp in its class.

So that means if you tend to turn your game up on your mic to get it further away from your mouth or if you use a Cloudlifter or anything like that, this is actually going to perform much, much better without a Cloudlifter.

In fact, you’d be degrading the quality of the signal if you were to integrate a Cloudlifter.

Okay, that was a whole lot and it’s just a quick and dirty recap of the highlights.

But as soon as I get the firmware, I will go live.

I will test it, I will answer all your questions.

And of course I’ll do more short videos with the pros and cons because of course, there are going to be some cons.

I just don’t know what they are yet until I test them.

And of course, how you can get the most out of this device in your studio.

If you want to check out all Rodecaster Pro II videos check out this playlist and be sure to subscribe so you know when

I go live and answer all your questions about it.

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