...without annoying people!

Are you skeptical about Messenger Bots? Or unsure of how to implement one effectively?


Hey! I'm Luria Petrucci. I'm on a mission to rid the world of Bad Bots

Too many people are using Bots badly! It's not their fault (or yours!) though... I get it!

We're early on in the days of Facebook Messenger Bots, and there's a lot of confusion about what to do or not to do!

When done right, it can be an incredibly effective marketing tool AND support system for your customers! But if used wrong, it can HARM your relationship with viewers and customers.

At Live Streaming Pros, we use Messenger Bots during our LIVE videos to generate leads and offer freebies. It creates great engagement and sales.

It started as a LIVE tool for me, but now it's an entire marketing strategy. And I want to share that strategy with you!

Laura Smith from "I Heart Planners"

Laura was getting almost ZERO traction on her LIVE Videos! She got 1 comment per LIVE.

Started using Bots from our course and saw immediate results!

  • 200 Comments per LIVE!
  • Trackable sales into her membership!


All three of these ways will help save you AND your customers time!

1. Customer Support...

Bring a smile to your customers' faces! You'll give them support while giving them a GREAT experience and INSTANT solutions to their problems!

2. Sales...

Nurture your leads and get sales using automated sequences!

Just like email, but with up to...

85 - 100% Open Rates!

3. LIVE Video...

During LIVE videos, get more engagement and generate more QUALIFIED leads!


You CAN create a Facebook Messenger Bot that sounds more human and isn't annoying!

When you know the right things to do, you can have great results and engagement... 

Your Bot can work on creating passive income while you sleep! (You still have to sleep, don't you?)

And YOU can get ahead of the curve before everyone else is using them!

Rachel Farnsworth from "The Stay at Home Chef"

Used Bots for the 1st time, and she's just gettin' started!

  • 200 Bot Interactions during LIVE!
  • Over 800 Interactions within 3 Days!


Learn Step-by-Step!

During this Workshop, you'll learn:

  • Everything you need to know about Messenger Bots!
  • Best Practices: What to do and what NOT to do!
  • Ideas & Strategies: how to use it in your business

How to set up your Bot:

  • ​How to create and implement your own Bot (every step you need to take!)
  • How to humanize your Bot and NOT annoy people!
  • How to keep people engaged with your Bot (and you!)
  • What your bot should say and do... and how often it should talk
  • Sequences, Keywords, Growth Tools, and more!


  • ​Workflow for LIVE Video integration
  • Workflow for generating leads & sales
  • Workflow for general support on your Facebook Page

LIFETIME ACCESS! You'll have access to the training (plus the BONUS) anytime you want! 

Barry Friedman ~ 30 Days Sugar Free

"Before taking Luria's course, I was getting 8-12 people to show up LIVE. With just a few shows, I've increased to 38 LIVE Viewers! Using her Bot strategy on a single show, I got 25 new Leads. Plus 6 new people wait-listed for my program. Plus 2 sales!

And with the first LIVE into my group, I've gotten 4 new sales into my membership program!

Safe to say, this crazy strategy Luria and David are teaching is brilliant!




Dive deeper into each module below!




MODULE 1: Benefits, Drawbacks & Ideas

How do you use a Facebook Messenger Bot for Business?

  • Benefits of Automation
  • Drawbacks and considerations
  • Ideas & Strategies: How to use it to generate leads and offer support while you sleep!

MODULE 2: Best Practices

A deep dive into what you need to know 

  • What to include in your Bot sequences
  • How often your bot should talk
  • How to differentiate between the bot and you (so you don't confuse your customers)
  • What you can NOT do with your Bot (or risk getting your Facebook account suspended!)

MODULE 3: Setup Your Bot: Step by Step

Instructions on how to set up your bot

  • What service to use and how to use it
  • Sequences, Keywords, Triggers and more!
  • Step by Step Directions

MODULE 4: Make Your Bot HUMAN!

3 Workflows to get you launching your Bot quickly!

  • Personalization Tips
  • Keeping your customer engaged

MODULE 5: Workflows

3 Workflows to get you launching your Bot quickly!

  • Page Support Workflow: How to help Page Visitors instantly, and save both you and them time!
  • LIVE Video Workflow: How to get leads and deliver freebies during a LIVE video!
  • Lead Generation & Sales Workflow: Walk a new lead through a nurture campaign and into a sale!

BONUS! Workflow Checklist for LIVE Video Integration

You have enough to worry about when you're going LIVE. This free Checklist will help you make sure every step is taken care of so your Bot is active and working before you go LIVE!


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