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3 Ways to Fix Your Boring Content

Ever Feel like your content is getting boring?

As a content creator, it’s important to keep your live streams engaging for your audience. I realized, recently, that my streams were getting a stale. The showflow was the same, the viewers even seemed to be getting bored at times – NOT good! So I decided to make some changes. In this post, I’m going to share what I’ve recently changed to up engagement, up viewer count and subscribers, and some ideas for you to spice up your live streams when you’re in a rut!

In this post, we’ll cover…

  • How I spiced up my live streams
  • Implementing repurposing techniques into your live streams to make content creation simple!
  • What you can do to improve your views and engagement!

I’ve been doing Open Q&A’s for my live streams for a long time now; and although they used to be a hit, they started losing their value and fun. It happens! But I knew I had to fix it, and that meant changing up my show flow. 


So what did I do? I started implementing segments! Instead of my live stream being an hour-long Open Q&A, I created different segments that incorporated more of my community. I’ll share what the new show flow is, and what the thought process behind them is (hint: repurposing)!

I kick off the show at 9:50am PT with a 10 minute countdown timer because I like to give the viewers time to get settled, and start chatting to help build up the excitement and fun! For those 10 minutes, I love to dance, and the community loves it too! 

At 10:00am PT, I take off my dancin’ shoes and kick off the show by saying hi to everyone! This is a great chance for me to be goofy and call out commenters; engaging with your audience is KEY! 

After 15 minutes, we move into the segment, “What’s in the box?!” which is where Kali and I unbox and test a new tech product. Our audience is full of techies, so they LOVE live tech tests. Sometimes, these tests don’t go as planned, but it’s part of the fun! This segment also gives us an opportunity to repurpose content. If someone asks a common question we can answer, or the tech product is a hit, we can clip that part of the stream and repurpose it into a YouTube Short, Instagram Reel, Tiktok, etc.!

We then close out the show with an Open Q&A. By this point, everyone has questions about the tech product from “What’s in the box?!” and the studio reactions segment. 

So what are ways to help improve your show flow when things are feeling boring?

Tip #1

Brainstorm what you know YOU want, and what you want as a VIEWER. 

TIP #2

Get your community INVOLVED!

You do not need a massive community to do this! You can create polls, forms, and even cherry pick certain people in your audience to include in a segment or portion of your streams. People love to feel recognized, so the more you can show that you recognize your viewers, the better! 

Tip #3

Have a clear cut flow to make repurposing your content EASY.

Segments are what I’ve used to help break up things so I know what interesting parts happened where, and can just trim that part out to reuse! Heck, I can even repurpose things into full YouTube videos with the proper segmentation! 

So, what new things are you going to implement in your live streams to make them more fun and engaging?

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